Level 4

Level 4 Certifies that a routesetter has successfully completed an Apprenticeship at a National level competition and is qualified and eligible to work as an Assistant Routesetter at any National level event. Level 4 Endorsements, in Bouldering and Sport Climbing, certify that a routesetter is competent and eligible to be Chief Routesetter in the discipline(s) for which they have the endorsement(s), at USA Climbing Divisional level competitions.

Routesetters with Level 3 Certification may apply to Apprentice positions for National competitions announced on this website. These positions offer a small stipend and a travel allowance and give Routesetters who have completed a National Internship the opportunity to continue to gain experience with National events. During an Apprenticeship, a Routesetter will work in all aspects of National level competition routesetting with a Level 5 Chief Routesetter and an experienced team. A Routesetter who successfully completes an Apprenticeship will be awarded Level 4 Certification.

Routesetters with Level 4 Certification are eligible to apply to Assistant positions for any National competitions announced on this website. Assistant Routesetters at National events are paid a full salary and all travel expenses and accommodation are covered.

Endorsement(s) in each specific discipline (bouldering/sport climbing) may be awarded to those Routesetters with Level 4 Certification who are considered highly qualified to be Chief Routesetters for Divisional Level events in the specific discipline AND who have received a positive report from a USA Climbing Level 5 Routesetter while working at a USA Climbing Divisional or National level competition.

Internship Duration

  • 5-7 days for each event


  • Level 3 Certification; AND
  • Significant experience routesetting for USA Climbing Championship level competitions.
  • Ability to forerun a minimum of 5.13a or V7


  • Bouldering and Sport Climbing.


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