Level 3

Level 3 Certifies that a routesetter has successfully completed an Internship at a Divisional or National level competition and is qualified and eligible to apply for an Apprenticeship position at any National level competitions.

Routesetters with Level 2 Certification may apply to Divisional and National Internships announced on this website. These positions are very competitive because USA Climbing only has a small number of National events with limited Internship positions offered and there are many experienced and interested routesetters.  During an Internship, a routesetter will work in all aspects of the Divisional or National level competition routesetting with a Level 5 (Or Level 4, Approved by Routesetting Committee) Chief Routesetter and an experienced team.

Events at which National Internships have typically been offered include: Bouldering Youth Divisionals, Bouldering Youth Nationals, Sport & Speed Open Nationals, GoPro's Vail Citizens Nationals, Sport & Speed Youth Divisionals, and Sport & Speed Youth Nationals. Each event is different but typically requires a week of work. Interns are not compensated and must arrange for their own travel.

Internship Duration

  • 5-7 days for each event


  • Level 2 Regional Certification
  • Significant experience routesetting for USA Climbing Championship level competitions
  • Able to forerun 5.13 and V7.


  • Bouldering and Sport Climbing
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