Level 2

Level 2 Certifies that a routesetter has successfully completed a USA Climbing Level 2 Routesetting Clinic and demonstrated sufficient knowledge of onsight routesetting and other skills necessary to set effectively for Championship level events.  

Routesetters must apply to participate in a Level 2 Clinic and are selected based on a combination of factors including their general and USAC specific competition routesetting experience, resume, references, personal application, and the gym and/or region they represent. Level 2 Clinics have a significantly higher level of intensity than the Level 1 Clinic, with exclusive focus on onsight competition routesetting, specific exercises targeted to challenge routesetters, and with more detailed evaluation.

The goal of the Level 2 Clinic is to provide an environment for experienced competition routesetters to demonstrate their skills, learn specific techniques and approaches for onsight competition routesetting, organization and teamwork, and to evaluate the ability of those individuals to work effectively as routesetters at USA Climbing Championship level competitions.  In this clinic, we focus on challenging setters with respect to fundamental aspects of Championship routesetting.  Knowing the USA Climbing youth categories and routesetting effectively for them in an onsight format are the most important aspects.  In addition, being familiar with competition organization, USA Climbing rules, and having fundamental skills of strong communication, leadership, and time management are also incredibly valuable.  Our goal is not only to have Level 2 routesetters working at Regional and higher events that are experienced and creative with respect to the craft of routesetting, but also those that approach the work at these events with a high degree of professionalism, attention to detail and ability to work well with others to contribute to an effective team. 

In a Level 2 Clinic, one day is spent focusing exclusively on boulder-specific setting and another on route-specific setting, with a third emphasizing competition organization, management, rules and judging.  Each routesetter is expected to set multiple boulder problems and at least one route, testing their knowledge of USAC youth categories, difficulty levels, and how to effectively and fairly divide a field of competitors, all while working constructively with others in a fast-paced environment.  Additionally, routesetters are evaluated on their creativity, understanding of hold manipulation, ability to work within routesetting constraints, organization, communication, leadership, management, and teamwork – all important skill sets for an effective Championship routesetter, and specifically, potential Chief Routesetter, to have.

Level 2 Certification is provided to successful participants, denoting their competency to set for Championship level competitions.  Routesetters with Level 2 Certification may apply to official USAC Internships at higher level (Divisional and National) competitions.

Clinic Duration

  • 3 days


  • Level 1 Certification;  Significant USA Climbing competition routesetting experience; Chief Routesetter experience
  • Ability to forerun a minimum of 5.13 & V7


  • Not Applicable

* Attendance at a clinic does not guarantee that the participant will be certified; only those individuals that meet the minimum criteria for success will be granted a certification.



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