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Judges Certification program for 2020-21:

A Certified Judge Membership is required by all Certified Chief Judges and Certified Route Judges who appear on the “Certified Judges List”. All Certified Judges will be required to register for a Certified Judge Membership, complete SafeSport Training and successfully complete a background screen.


A Non-Covered Volunteer Membership is for those who are aspiring to be a Certified Judge and who currently do not appear on the Certified Judges List.  Additionally this membership is for those individuals looking to judge at events but are not Certified Judges.


The Judge Certification Program is currently under review and will be updated soon according to the new rulebook.  This includes renewing a Judge Membership and becoming a new Certified Judge.  Stay tuned!

The Judges Committee was formed to support and advance the development of judging at all USA Climbing sanctioned competitions. The Committee’s activities specifically include the ongoing development and implementation of the Judges Certification Program, with the intention of increasing the number of trained and certified judges for all championship and local level competitions. 


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