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About the Coaches Committee

Coaches Committee Mission Statement

The USA Climbing Coaches Committee exists to; serve as a resource for climbing coaches and in turn, gyms across the country, provide framework around the Coaching Certification Program, elevate the professionalism of the career, and promote inclusiveness and unity in the sport of climbing.

USA Climbing Coaches Committee


The Coaches Committee is an Advisory Committee with the goal to educate and organize coaches in an effort to raise the level of coaching in competition climbing in the USA and among US coaches in international competition. Under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and BOD, the CC is responsible for providing educational and development opportunities for USA Climbing Certified Coaches, evaluating the USA Climbing Coaches Code of Conduct and representing coaches’ interests to USA Climbing and its committees. Critical to the CC’s mission is to help keep USA Climbing Certified Coaches informed, educated, and to solicit feedback. In an effort to open communication pathways, each USA Climbing Division has a designated CC member representative. Please feel free to reach out for questions, suggestions, and feedback. 

Coach Committee Chairman: Meghan McDonald
Coach Committee Direct Email: coaches@usaclimbing.org

Coaching Committee
Meghan McDonald - Chair
Rosie Bates - Athlete
Jessi Haynes
Stephen "Chi" Harris
TJ Sanford
Justin Wyse
Francesca Caiazzo

USA Team Coaches & Staff

Josh Larson – Head Coach

Meg Coyne- Assistant Coach

Zack DiCristino, MSPT, OCS - Team Physical Therapist

Founding Partner: