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For instructions on creating your team roster, click here or review the steps below.


UPDATES for 2020/2021 season

1. Team Rosters should be complete by May 16th 11:59pm MST to allow for USAC administrative assistance if needed, and MUST be complete 48 hours prior to your respective Regional Championship competition.

2. If you already have a team account and membership, you do NOT need to create a new one or re-add current members to your team.

3. You DO need to add any new athletes to your team

4. You DO need to renew all members of your team "roster". See steps below.

5. Archive athletes who are no longer a part of your team.  

6. If an athlete is temporarily not participating but may join the team at a later date, leave them on the team but do not renew their roster.

7. Coaches do not need to be on the team or roster. It is only for athlete participation towards Team Championship points.


Creating a New Team Account-

  1. Log in to your Personal USA Climbing account
  2. Click on “Setup Team” on the left of your dashboard

    Add Team

  3. Add a “Role”
  4. You will be asked “Is the Role for yourself?” Please select “Yes”
    • Only a Level 2 coach is eligible to create a team
  5. Select yourself as the primary contact and continue through the form
  6. Once the information is complete, select “Add” team

Adding a membership to your Team account

  1. From within your Team profile, select “Memberships” on the left side of your dashboard

    Creating a Team - Memberships

  2. Click "Add New Membership" in the top left corner of the dashboard
  3. Select your Region and continue to work through the form
  4. Once your team is in a “current” status, you need to add your athletes to your Team

    Creating a Team - Current

Adding members to your Team- Prior to adding people to your team. You need to know your athletes current Membership, Member ID and Date of Birth.

  1. Select “Members” on the left side of your Team profile’s dashboard

    Creating a Team - Add Member

  2. Select "List"
  3. Click on “Add new member” in the top right of your dashboard
  4.  Add “An Existing Member”
    • Important! Your athletes must have a USAC Competitor, Collegiate, or Paraclimbing membership in order to be added to a team.
  5. Select between “Add Manually” or “Upload CSV”
    • If uploading the CSV, you will need to pre populate your athletes member ID and date of birth into the provided template
  6. Select your athletes “Membership Type” and enter in the member ID and date of birth
  7. When selecting “Access type” Select “Event only”

Adding members to your Roster- This step is crucial!!! If athletes are not added or renewed to a roster, they will not be associated with your team or the Team Championships.

Please use the instructions below.

  1. Select the athlete and click on “Rosters”

    Creating a Team - Roster

  2. Click on “Add Roster”, complete the form, and add

    Creating a Team - Add Roster
  3. To renew a roster- click "Lapsed" and work through the forms

    Renewing a Roster

 Coach Membership and Certification

All coaches affiliated with a USA Climbing sanctioned team attending a USA Climbing sanctioned event must have a current USA Climbing Coach membership. USA Climbing Teams will be required to attest that all coaches on their staff have either a Level 1 or 2 Coach Membership, except for a coach who is a minor.  Each Team Membership must have at least one Active Level 2 Coach Member.

 A coach’s membership must be of the appropriate level and in a “current” not “Action Required” state prior to entry into isolation (Level 2) or being allowed on the competition floor (Level 1 or 2). It is worth noting that SafeSport training takes 90 minutes and a background screen can take up to 10 days to clear, both of which will be required to move a coach’s membership from “Action Required” to a “Current” status.

 A coach must meet minimum requirements in order to be considered as a USA Climbing Certified Coach Member. Certification is subject to review and revocation is subject to USA Climbing’s Bylaws.

A USA Climbing Level 1 Certified Coach must have a USA Climbing Coach Level 1 Coach Membership and meet the following qualification requirements:


i)  submit verification of their coaching role in the form of either a letter from the coach’s employer stating that the coach is employed as a coach, or a personal letter and curriculum vitae documenting their coaching experience, accompanied by references; and

ii) via the coach’s USA Climbing account, authorize USA Climbing to conduct a criminal background check, respond timely to any requests from the background check vendor for additional information, and successfully complete that background screening under USA Climbing’s SafeSport Screening and Background Check Policy; and

iii) complete all required SafeSport training under USA Climbing’s SafeSport Policy which is accessed through their USA Climbing account. If the coach has a current SafeSport training that was completed outside their USA Climbing account, the SafeSport completion certificate must be submitted to info@usaclimbing.org for manual addition to the coach’s account. 

A USA Climbing Level 2 Certified Coach must have a USA Climbing Coach Level 2 Coach Membership and meet the following qualification requirements:

i) meet all UDSA Climbing Level 1 Coach Certification qualification requirements; and

ii) submit documentation evidencing current First Aid and CPR certification.


See Section 2.2 of the USA Climbing Rulebook for more details. 

The ability to file an appeal on behalf of a competitor is limited to current USAC Level 1 or Level 2 certified member coaches.

The ability to enter isolation (ISO) is limited to current USAC Level 2 certified member coaches.

 How to Complete SafeSport Training and Background Screen

1. Log in to Sport:80

Click Here to Login

2. On your member dashboard, click the "Center for SafeSport Training" or "Background Screening" on the left-hand side.

3. Click on the "Add Center for SafeSport Training" or "Add Background Screening.

 4. Click on the "Add" button.

If accessing the SafeSport Training, click "Start Training." If accessing the Background Screen, proceed through the forms.

If you have previously completed SafeSport training or a Background Screen but your certification is not showing up, please contact sharlee@usaclimbing.org.

Important things to note:

The training MUST be accessed through your USAC account. This connects you to our database and ensures automatic reminder emails for expiration dates.

If you have completed it outside the USAC account, please email sharlee@usaclimbing.org to check that it is the correct training and that you are showing up in the relevant database. If valid, your certification data will be added to your account.

How to Upload First Aid & CPR Certifications

1. Log in to Sport:80.

2. Click on "First Aid & CPR" on the left-hand side.

3. Click on "Add First Aid & CPR." 

4. Proceed through the prompted steps. Important: If you are providing a single document that covers both First Aid & CPR certifications, you must go through the upload process for both First Aid and for CPR separately.

 For questions, please contact info@usaclimbing.org

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