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USA Climbing Board of Directors Votes on Competition Task Force Final Recommendations

USA Climbing Board of Directors Votes on Competition Task Force Final Recommendations

On Wednesday evening USA Climbing’s Board of Directors voted on the Competition Task Force (CTF) Final Recommendations. After lengthy discussion, the Board took the following actions:

The Board approved the CTF’s Final Recommendations subject to the following modifications:

  •  Regarding the requirement to compete in Qualifying Events in the Home Region only, the USA Climbing staff is to collaborate with the Realignment Task Force (RTF) to generally require qualification in Home Region but (a) to permit petitioning to change Home Region for the season in order to alleviate travel burden, and (b) to consider permitting participation (but without ranking) outside of Home Region on a non-priority basis subject to availability of spaces at the Events.
  •  Regarding the 20-25 target for number of competitors per youth category at Youth Regional Championships, the target range is to be evaluated by USA Climbing staff in collaboration with the RTF and without delaying the RTF's efforts.
  •  Regarding Byes to the Youth Regional Championships, limit to those who actually compete at the Youth World Championships as team members or alternates; in addition, those with Byes would create extra quota for Youth Regionals.
  •  Regarding the Team Championship rules, the Board encourages Staff to work with the Rules Committee and Coaching Committee to evaluate any necessary changes to the Team Championship rules in light of the CTF changes.
  •  Regarding adoption of IFSC Rules, encouraging collaboration in implementation among the Routesetting Committee, AAC, and Rules Committee, subject to (a) prompt progress so as to facilitate implementation and education, (b) subject to prior Board decisions as reflected in the CTF Charter, and (c) encouraging collaboration with the IFSC with respect to ongoing IFSC rule proposals.

All other aspects of the CTF Final Recommendations were approved by the Board without modification.

“I would like to thank the Competition Task Force for their efforts. The dedication and service by this devoted group of volunteers to our sport was truly monumental and for that we are incredibly grateful. With the Board’s approval we will now focus our efforts on resolving the remaining items along with implementation and communication of our progress towards the upcoming season,” said Marc Norman, CEO. “Finally, thank you to all who have provided comments through the various channels. We recognize these recommendations will not please everyone and I hope we can continue to grow the sport together for all participants.”

USA Climbing staff will now work closely with its committees and task forces to implement the approved actions for the 2020-2021 competitive season and beyond.

The CTF was originally commissioned in early 2019 to conduct an assessment of all competition aspects of competitive climbing. The fifteen-member task force included athletes, coaches, gym owners, judges, parents, researchers, routesetters and volunteers. After soliciting feedback from all parts of the community, the initial CTF report was submitted in mid-December and final recommendations were submitted on February 10, 2020. 

The CTF Final Recommendations with Board modifications can be viewed here. Feedback can be provided via future@usaclimbing.org or on the USA Climbing Forum.

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