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Introducing USA Climbing's New Forum and an Important Update on the Progress of the Competition Task Force

Introducing USA Climbing's New Forum and an Important Update on the Progress of the Competition Task Force

As many of you are aware, USA Climbing commissioned a Competition Task Force (CTF) in March of this year to conduct an assessment of all competition aspects of our sport. They were tasked with presenting an initial report to the USA Climbing Board of Directors by mid-December and a final report for approval in February of 2020. We asked the CTF to be creative and bold as they looked at new ways to grow our sport, increase accessibility, provide developmentally appropriate seasons, align with our international federation, and increase opportunities for all climbers to participate. We encouraged them to research other sports, the American Development Model, and medical literature in making their recommendations.

In advance of the recommendations, I am pleased to provide the following progress report on behalf of the CTF for your review and comment. We know these recommendations will not please everyone, but we also recognize that maintaining the status quo is not a sustainable option. The recommendations presented in the progress report are proposals under review. We expect many details to continue to be shaped over the coming weeks based largely on feedback from the greater community, so please provide feedback and perhaps more importantly thoughts on how to make the recommendations even better. A link to provide feedback can be found below.

I cannot thank the CTF members enough for their significant commitment to this important work. At last count the task force subgroups (IFSC Rules, Schedule, and C/D) have participated in over 60 “official” calls, countless unofficial calls, significant discussion on a forum dedicated to their work, and collection of input from RC’s, Coaches, Judges, and other stakeholders.

Finally, I am excited to announce the posting of this progress report to USA Climbing’s new forum platform. The forum, while a work in progress, will allow for open discussion for all members who sign up. Some areas of the forum will be private and dedicated channels for specific groups to engage in discussion while other will be open for all members to participate. We hope this new platform will serve as a centralized location for all things USA Climbing going forward. It is a private forum open to all USA Climbing members, parents, fans, and more. As a result, you will need to create an account as follows below. A special thanks to Jerrold Emery for his volunteer work creating the forum. Should you have thoughts on how to improve upon it please email forum@usaclimbing.org or navigate to the home page of the forum and leave us a message under Forum Feedback.

Accessing the USA Climbing Forum:

  1. Visit forum.usaclimbing.org
  2. Click Sign up for a new account
  3. Fill in the required fields and agree to terms and rules (Please use your full name for your username)
  4. Click create account
  5.  Access forums, login, and go!

The CTF progress report can be found in the Announcements Category and can also be viewed by visiting the page below.

Competition Task Force Progress Report

All the best, Happy Thanksgiving, and go Team USA in Toulouse, France this coming week!

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