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COMING SOON: NEW Website Feature for Coaches to Verify Team Rosters

COMING SOON: NEW Website Feature for Coaches to Verify Team Rosters

A new feature is in the works to be added to the USA Climbing website which will give coaches the ability to search and verify team members that have been added to a team roster. Once this feature is available, coaches will be able to verify team members have been added to a team roster successfully,by simply searching via a link on the USA Climbing website for the appropriate team name and select it from within the drop-down list. Once selected all team members that USA Climbing have added to a respective team roster will appear.Please keep in mind that only team members who have purchased full season competitor memberships will be viewable in this drop-down list.If a coach suspects an error or finds team members missing from the list, they should notify USA Climbing immediately and prior to the deadline we provide in our next communicationby sending a detailed email explaining the discrepancy to documents@usaclimbing.org.

The intent of this communication is to bring this feature to your attention and make you aware that since the feature is still being developed we don't have all the details yet, but we'll be in communication with our USA Climbing Coaches via email with deadlines for confirmation, step by step directions and additional information we acquire once the feature is released within 1 week after the November 1 submission deadline.

As part oft this new process, USA Climbing will accept updates to a team roster for a limited time period after the deadline has passed. Therefore, once the November 1st deadline has lapsed we will load all team rosters into the system. This action will populate the drop-down list for team rosters allowing them to be viewed. From that completion and notification date we will give coaches one week to verify their team rosters for accuracy.During this verification period, coaches may submit updates or missing information to USA Climbing so that team rosters appear accurately.

USA Climbing will NOT accept new team rosters after the document submission deadline on November 1st at 11:59pm MST.We advise you to be on the lookout for an e-mail from us the week following the November 1st deadline with more details.

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