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USA Climbing: Collegiate provides access for undergraduate or graduate students that are currently enrolled at a college or university to compete in Bouldering, Sport and Speed climbing.


Collegiate Division for the 2020-21 Season

 Collegiate Division Map

Divisional Coordinators for 2020-21:

Heartland: Steve Struthers - heartland@usaclimbing.org  

Mid-Atlantic: Jeff Cass - midatlantic@usaclimbing.org

NortheastKasia Pietras & Seann McCardle - northeast@usaclimbing.org

Rocky MountainJoanne Loh & Ruchir Sehra - rockymountain@usaclimbing.org

Southeast: Jennifer & Keith Hunt - southeast@usaclimbing.org

South Central: Daniel Nguyen & Michelle Patten - southcentral@usaclimbing.org

West Coast: Karalyn Aronow & Joel Velasco - westcoast@usaclimbing.org

If you are a school or gym interested in hosting a competition contact your Divisional Coordinator. 

We encourage new and existing teams to reference the Collegiate Team Development Manual as you prepare to participate in the Collegiate competitive season.

New Collegiate teams should contact rachel@usaclimbing.org prior to registering for the season.

Join the Collegiate Climbing Facebook Group Page to stay in the know about the season!

Check out the USA Climbing Forum!

A typical USA Climbing Collegiate competition format is redpoint including bouldering and sport climbing. In this mixed format you will typically turn in some combination of your top boulder problems and sport climbs. There are several approved formats that are outline in the USA Climbing Rulebook.

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