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The 2020-2021 Results page is coming soon!

Below is a preliminary Regional Qualification ranking as of the conclusion of the first competition periods that ended November 15th.  Please keep in mind the following areas related to Regional Qualification:

  • The Regional ranking does not include competitors who competed with an Introductory Membership.  Only competitors who had a Competitor Membership at the time of the competition are included in the Regional ranking.
  • The Regional ranking does not include competitors who competed in a competition outside of their home Division.  For example, a competitor with a home Region of Region22 (Division 2) that competed in a competition held in Region41 (Division 4) does not have a Regional ranking and is not included on the Regional ranking for Region22, their home Region.
  • Competitors who competed outside of their home Region but within their home Division have a Regional ranking in their home Region.
  • Some names may be missing from the Regional ranking due to technical issues and will be added as those issues are resolved.

Preliminary Regional Ranking
Competitor period - November 2nd-15th
(Audit - In Process)

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