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As a longtime supporter of climbing and the climbing community, CLIF Bar & Company is proud to share CLIF Kid Zbars to support the sport of youth climbing at USA Climbing member and affiliate gyms this fall.

Young climbers and parents, be sure to ask your climbing gym manager for a CLIF Kid Zbar sample and other special offers from CLIF Bar & Company.

For participating climbing gyms, please find your digital and social media graphics here. For gyms that have questions or would like to participate, please contact info@usaclimbing.org.

 To learn more about CLIF Kid ® visit https://www.clifbar.com/clif-kid


CLIF athlete Kai Lightner
After establishing multiple first ascents of baby gates and basketball hoops growing up, Kai officially found the sport of rock climbing when he was 6 years old. That year, he entered his first competition and has since earned 12 national titles (10 as a youth competitor and 2 as an adult) and 5 youth world championship medals. When he’s not training for competitions, he enjoys pushing his limits on outdoor projects, climbing his first 5.14a at 13 and his first 5.14d at 15. As a student studying business management at Babson College, he plans to continue balancing his studies while tackling new outdoor challenges and working with organizations focused on minority outreach in outdoor spaces.


CLIF athlete Ashima Shiraishi
Ashima Shiraishi is known for being one of the best boulders and sport climbers of all time. She started climbing in Central Park at age six.The New York Times has called her a Bouldering Phenom.Outside Magazine has described her as a Young Crusher. And The New Yorker calls her The Wall Dancer. In 2014 Ashima sent her first V15 in Japan making her the first female youngest person to send a V15. Since then she has sent her second V15, won a gold medal at the youth world championship in China, was nominated for Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year Award and won the 2019 Bouldering Nationals for Women. With her determination and focus, Ashima continues to push the limits and boundaries of the sport.


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