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Region 92

2020-2021 Season Information:

Welcome to the USA Climbing Youth Region 92 page!

USA Climbing Youth Region 92 is one of two Regions that constitute Youth Division 9, along with our neighboring Youth Region 91.

Youth Region 92 consists of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Eastern Massachusetts.

Regional Coordinators

The Region 92 Regional Coordinators are:
  Mark Vasta, Shannon Lucia, Eugene Ma, Heather Teng, Matt Ornes
They can be reached at <region92@usaclimbing.org> for any questions.



All competitors who will be 18 years of age or older on August 31, 2021 MUST complete SafeSport training.  Any such competitor who has not successfully completed the SafeSport training will have their membership in a "pending" status and will NOT be eligible to compete at any USAC events, including qualifier competitions.

SafeSport Training is initiated through the Sport80 membership system at https://usaclimbing.sport80.com and competitors are strongly encouraged to complete SafeSport training as soon as possible, as the training takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Please contact Sharlee@usaclimbing.org if you have any questions.


A USA Climbing membership is valid for a period of one year from purchase. Please visit the USA Climbing Membership page


USA Climbing has released a re-written Rulebook, with new rules, terminology, and structure -- significantly aligning the USA Climbing rules with those of the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing). All competitors, coaches, routesetters, and spectators are recommended to become familiar with the new Rulebook, and reading the Introduction is highly recommended.





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