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Region 52

2020-2021 Season Information:



Welcome to the USA Climbing forum page providing information for youth climbers in Region 52 - Arkansas, Chattanooga and surrounding counties in Georgia, lower Illinois and Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas City and surrounding counties, Missouri, upper Mississippi, and Tennessee!

Membership - Memberships can be purchased beginning September 1 and are valid for 365 daysClick here to read more on the Membership FAQ page. 


Forum - For detailed information, join the USA Climbing forum at https://forum.usaclimbing.org/

Facebook -Up to date notifications on regional news can be found on Facebook. Join the new Facebook group for Region 52 https://www.facebook.com/groups/USACArea52 

Rules -  USA Climbing Rulebook 2020 edition will be available soon. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules. 

Safesport - All competitors who will be 18 years of age or older on August 31, 2021 MUST complete SafeSport training.  Any of the above-mentioned competitors who has not successfully completed the SafeSport training will have their membership in a "pending" status and will not be eligible to compete at any USAC events, including but not limited to, qualifier competitions.SafeSport Training is initiated through the Sport80 membership system at https://usaclimbing.sport80.com.

Age Categories 2020 - 2021

 2002-2003  2004-2005  2006-2007  2008-2009  2010+



Regional Coordinators -

Nancy Carter

Mike de la Paz

Karen Judd

Catherine Satterwhite

 Email - region52@usaclimbing.org


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