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USA Climbing’s Regional and Divisional structure is reflected in the map below. The US is composed of 9 Divisions and 18 Regions.  Region 11 and 12 will make up Division 1, Region 21 and 22 will make up Division 2, Region 81 and Region 82 will make up Division 8, etc. 

2020-2021 Season Information

Qualifying Event Competition Reminders

  • Do not provide “beta” to climbers while they are attempting a boulder.
  • Make sure to start each climb with a 4-point start. For instructions on 4-point starts, click here. 
  • If the competition doesn’t appear to be set up according to the Rulebook, please alert USA Climbing (info@usaclimbing.org) immediately.
  • The competitions are self-judged, therefore it’s imperative that each climber call themselves off the boulder if their attempt is incorrect according to the Rulebook (e.g. dabbing the ground when beginning the attempt of a boulder, using another hold from a different boulder, etc.).
  • When official results are updated on the USA Climbing results page, competitors will be added to categories according to their USA Climbing membership and in accordance with the USA Climbing Rulebook, which may not reflect how they have registered within their KAYA account.
  • When registering for competitions within KAYA, make sure to select the correct competitor category according to the Rulebook 1.4.2 linked here.







For questions, please contact info@usaclimbing.org.


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