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Region 82

USA Climbing Region 802 - New England East (NEE)
VT, NH, ME, and eastern MA.

All information about Region 802  (New England East) Local Competitions and Regional Championship competitions (schedules, running orders, volunteer info) will be available on this Region 802 Home page.

Join the Region 802 Forum pages (or New England East Facebook group while that is still maintained, until Sept 1, 2020) for announcements about updates to this region homepage, and for info posted by the local competition host gyms.


Please refer to the News section of the USA Climbing website:
These were also sent out as emails to USA Climbing members.
As of 3/12, there were News items about COVID-19 from 3/5, 3/10, and 3/12.

The News items on the above page include information like: "Effective immediately USA Climbing has suspended the Youth Local Qualifying season in its entirety. USA Climbing will not sanction or support local events in any respect through the month of April."

Further, the four gyms that had planned to host all the remaining competitions in Region 802 during March and April have all canceled their competitions. Please direct any questions about those competitions, including any refunds, to the gym that was to be hosting the competition.


Partly due to concerns about news/announcements not reaching members who choose not to use social media platforms, as well as privacy and data-mining concerns for the information posted by Regional Coordinators and others, USA Climbing has asked the Regional Coordinators to migrate from using social media like Facebook, and instead use the newly created USA Climbing forum website:

See here for the content of the email sent in November 2019 to all members about the new forum:

Each USA Climbing member is encouraged to signup for an account in order to see the various discussions, including some discussions about the future of USA Climbing.

The Region 802 Regional Coordinators will begin to post everything on the Region 802 Forum provided by USA Climbing and to use the Region 802 Facebook group less and less, all towards a Aug/Sep deadline when we will archive the Region 802 Facebook group.

The primary source for up-to-date Region information maintained by Regional Coordinators will continue to be the Region 802 Home page (this page), including information for some competitions not yet listed on the Schedule & Results page if the Host Agreement has not been completed. USA Climbing staff will maintain the Region 802 Schedule & Results page based on Host Agreements returned from the gyms. Region 802 announcements and news will use the new Region 802 section of the USA Climbing Forum.

We hope this helps provide a more uniform method of communicating news and announcements that are of interest to Region 802 members.


The competitions marked with (*) below are preliminarily scheduled, pending completed Host Agreements. Once the Host Agreement has been received by and processed by USA Climbing staff, the competition will also appear on the Region 802 Schedule & Results page.

02/15 - Metrorock - Everett MA - Flash - info/registration
03/07 - Metrorock - Littleton MA - Redpoint - info/registration - waiver - volunteer

(canceled) 03/28 - Salt Pump - Scarborough ME - Flash - info/registration - waiver - volunteer
(canceled) 03/29 - Metrorock - Burlington VT - Redpoint - info/registration - waiver - volunteer
(canceled) 04/04 - (*)BKB - Somerville MA - Flash - info/registration - waiver - volunteer 
(canceled) 04/11 - (*)White Mountain School - Bethlehem NH - Redpoint  


Dates: May 16 & 17, 2020
Location: Metrorock - Littleton MA
    Each competitor will compete on only one day: either Sat or Sun.
    Which day (Sat or Sun) each category competes
    will be determined at a later date, and will be published here.

    This event is only Sport (Lead and Top Rope)
    There is no no Speed Regional competition,
    as per 2019-2020 USA Climbing Rulebook v3.
    (see the "Significant Changes" section for v3)


Dates: June 20-21, 2020
Location: TBD
Info: (To be announced)


Dates: July 9-12, 2020
Location: Reach Climbing Gym - Bridgeport PA
Info: Sport & Speed Youth Nationals home page




Dates: Feb 7-9, 2020
Location: Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center -- Redmond OR
Info: Bouldering Nationals home page


Dates: Jan 18-19, 2019
BETA Climbing + Fitness -- Stamford CT

> Registration
> Unofficial Registration Report

When further competition info (schedule, etc) is available, it will be published on the Region 801 New England West page.

Hotel Block:
There is discounted nightly rate ($109) at the Sheraton at this link.
700 East Main Street Stamford, Connecticut 06901 203-358-8400



Dates: Dec 14-15, 2019
Location: Metrorock -- Newburyport MA
> Preliminary Schedule (subject to change) 
> Entrance Map (subject to review and possible change)


> Results
> ** Divisionals Registration Deadline Info for top-10 at Regionals **
> Running Orders 
> General Competition Info
> Climber Briefing
> Rules Video (all judges must watch prior to arrival)


> Volunteer Signup
A huge "Thank You" to all those who volunteered at this weekend's Regionals. You all know that these competitions cannot happen at all without your help.
Congrats to the 3 winners below in the volunteer raffle for Butora shoe certificates:
 - Melanie Gelling-Zurek
 - Eric Bashor
 - Robyn Ostrander


> Registration is closed.
> Registration Report (Unofficial)
Note: Although the Sport80 registration system generates an email with a "ticket" for the competitor, there is no need for competitors to print out the ticket and bring it to Regionals.
Please contact info@usaclimbing.org immediately if you have issues registering.
Please contact info@usaclimbing.org and region802@usaclimbing.org if a competitor needs to withdraw, e.g. due to injury.


09/21/2019 - Brooklyn Boulders - Somerville MA
10/05/2019 - Salt Pump Climbing Co - Scarborough ME - registration - volunteer signup
10/12/2019 - Metrorock - Littleton MA - registration - volunteer signup
10/19/2019 - Central Rock Gym - Stoneham MA - registration - volunteer signup
10/26/2019 - Metrorock - Everett MA - registration - volunteer signup
11/02/2019 - Petra Cliffs - Burlington VT -  registration & volunteer signup
11/09/2019 - White Mountain School - Bethlehem NH - registration



USAC Coach Membership; CPR & First Aid; Background Screening; SafeSport
Team Rosters; etc.
See information, including deadlines, at:


Why do climbing competitions require so many volunteers, even with all the registration fees?
> Please read this


USA Climbing memberships for the Sept 1, 2019 to Aug 31, 2020 competition year will soon be available.
(Or click on the "JOIN or SUPPORT" link at the top of every usaclimbing.org page.)


In order to help avoid disappointment, confusion, or even disqualification, it is everyone's responsibility to know and understand the rules in the USA Climbing Rulebook.

We highly recommend that everyone be familiar with the USA Climbing Rulebook.  Each year, there can be some significant changes made to the rules , and the first section of the Rulebook is "Significant Changes -- Overview."  This is a great place to start if you've read the Rulebook before.

All climbers, parents, coaches, friends, and especially judges and belayers: please watch the Bouldering or Sport Rules video on the USA Climbing Rulebook page prior to attending Regionals, Divisionals, or Nationals.

If there is any climbers briefing in iso, it might be primarily for items specific to that competition or to that venue/gym.  The climbers briefing cannot (and will not) fully review all the rules. It is the responsibility of the coaches and climbers to ensure they know the rules.


The New England East region is one of two that make up Division 8:
    New England East (802): VT, ME,NH, Eastern MA   (our region)
    New England West (801): NY, CT,RI, Western MA  (neighboring region)

The New England East Regional Coordinators (RCs) are:
    Mark Vasta, Matt Ornes, Shannon Lucia, and Eugene Ma
    (see the Region 802 Contacts link on the right side of this page.)

Nearby Regions (for other local competitions):
    New England West (801): NY, CT, RI, Western MA
    Rustbelt (702): OH, PA, NJ








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