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Region 72

Welcome to the region 72 page! Region 72 is one of two regions that make up Division 7 and includes North and South Carolina. Region 71 is the other region in our Division.
 Regional Coordinators
Doug Johnson rc72.doug@gmail.com
Roberta Osborne rc72.roberta@gmail.com
Kiersten Williams rc72.kiersten@gmail.com
Chris Cannon
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USA Climbing Tentative Qualifying Event Series; Region 72
The schedule is tentative until the event is confirmed between the Host Gym, Kaya, and USAC. An event is not official until listed as approved.
Name of Gym Start Date End Date Status Tentative, Approved, Cancelled Kaya Event Link
(Provided upon Sanctioning)
Inner Peaks, Matthews 11/2/2020 11/15/2020 Tentative
TRC, Durham 11/9/2020 11/22/2020 Tentative
Cliffhangers, Mooresville 11/16/2020 11/29/2020 Tentative
Progressions 11/23/2020 12/6/2020 Tentative
TRC, Fayetteville 11/30/2020 12/13/2020 Tentative
Cliffhangers, Mooresville 12/7/2020 12/20/2020 Tentative
TRC, Morrisville 12/14/2020 12/27/2020 Tentative
Registration will take place through Kaya and USA Climbing, not through the gyms. Competitors MUST possess a current USA Climbing Intro or Competitor Membership in order to participate. In order to be ranked for regionals, a Competitor Membership is required.
USAC Rules, FAQs and helpful videos:
Rules for Virtual QEs pending
FAQ for Virtual QEs pending
USAC Rulebook 2020-20201
How to Start a Boulder - 4pt Start
How to Video your Climb
Competitor Membership
• Each gym has its own set rules for facility access regarding the pandemic and participation in the competition. Please familiarize yourself with the gyms policies prior to participation in an event.
• Competitors should first check the host facility’s website to identify any local health department restrictions or other compliance requirements prior to their visit. Some areas or facilities may still have restrictions in place that require competitors and/or spectators to make reservations to climb at the host facility.
• If required, competitors should make a reservation to climb at the host facility during the designated two-week competition period prior to registering for the event within the KAYA app. Reservations may also be required for spectators. Please call or go to the host facility website for reservation instructions and event instructions. Please contact the host facility with any questions regarding access for the competition.
• Competitors should keep a written record of their completed boulders and videos of those boulders in the event a technical issue arises with the KAYA app. The written record should include the event name as listed on the USA Climbing website, date and time of your climbing session, photo of each completed boulder and each completed boulder’s name, color and grade.
Don’t forget to also capture videos of your completed boulders.
• USA Climbing will be releasing a set of rules specific to the Virtual Qualifying Events, an FAQ Document, Instructions for Competitors using KAYA, and an updated rules video for bouldering.


Tentative date for Regionals: January 16, 2021

Tentative date for Divisionals: February 20-21, 2021

2020-2021 USA Climbing Memberships: New this year, memberships will be valid for a full year from the date of purchase rather than expiring on August 31. Memberships can be purchased for the upcoming year after September 1, 2020. Click here to get more information on the membership types, costs and benefits.  
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