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802-New England East

USA Climbing New England East (NEE) region 802 is VT, NH, ME, and eastern MA.
Please join the New England East Facebook group for news and announcements.

2017.10.15 - bouldering regionals categories each day; bouldering divisionals location


For the Bouldering Championship Events, USAC coaches must complete the following by Nov 1st:
  1) submit team rosters for use in team championship calculations.
  2) submit all documentation for coaching certification to be allowed into the isolation area.
See the Coaches page on the USAC site for more info.


  • Region 802 Bouldering Regionals will be a two day event, Dec 9 AND 10, 2017
    Sat  Dec  9:  FYD, MYD, FYC, MYC, FYB
    Sun Dec 10: FYA,  FJr,  MYA,  MJr,  MYB

  • Region 802 Sport & Speed Regionals is likely to be a two day event, May 12 and 13, 2018.
    (each climber competes only on one day; category schedule for the two day sport & speed regionals is tbd.)

  • Registration will be capped at several local comps, so pre-registering is highly suggested for these comps -- climbers should not assume they'll be able to register as a walk-in.

Bouldering season

Sep 1
to Nov 29
  Bouldering Local Comps
(some comps might limit the number of competitors,
so check the info pages and register early.)

Sep 9 Rock Spot Climbing - Boston/Dedham, MA

Gym Info/Register Waiver

Sep 16 North Country Climbing Center - Lisbon, NH

Gym Info/Register Waiver  
  Sep 23 Boston Rock Gym - Woburn, MA
(only limited number of registration slots left)

Gym Info/Register Waiver  
  Sep 30 Salt Pump Climbing - Scarborough, ME

Gym Info/Register Waiver  

Oct 14 Evo Rock + Fitness - Concord, NH

Gym Info/Register Waiver  
  Oct 21 White Mountain School - Bethlehem NH

Gym Info/Register Waiver  
  Oct 28 Petra Clifs - Burlington, VT

Gym Info/Register Waiver  

Nov 4 Evo Rock + Fitness - Portland, ME
(limited registration)

Gym Info/Register Waiver  
  Nov 11 Metrorock - Essex Junction, VT

Gym Info/Register Waiver  

Dec 9-10
(2-days this year)
  Bouldering Region 802 Championships
Metrorock - Newburyport, MA
See above for category
schedule; more info
Jan 13-14   Bouldering Division 8 Championships
Central Rock Gym - Warwick, RI
(info coming)  
Feb 2-3   Bouldering Open National Championships
Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 9-11   Bouldering Youth National Championships
Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Sport & Speed season

Feb 17
to Apr 29
  Sport Local Comps    

March 16-17
  Sport & Speed Open National Championships    
May 12-13   Sport & Speed Region 802 Championships    
Jun 16-17   Sport & Speed Division 8 Championships    
Jul 12-15
  Sport & Speed Youth National Championships    



USA Climbing memberships for the Sept 1, 2017 to Aug 31, 2018 competition year are now available.
(Or click on the "JOIN or SUPPORT" link at the top of every usaclimbing.org page.)

The annual Competitor memberships are valid for both the bouldering and sport/speed disciplines from Sept 2017 to Aug 2018. (Memberships purchased prior to Sept 2017 are expired.)

All competitors who wish to participate in any USA Climbing sanctioned competition this season must either have a current annual Competitor membership or will need to purchase a Day-Member pass for $10 online at http://www.usaclimbing.org no earlier than the Monday prior to the competition.  (The Day-Member pass, like the annual membership, can only be purchased online at usaclimbing.org.)

A Day-Member pass purchased online, or annual Competitor membership, is required in order for the competitor's name to appear in the online scoring platform, allowing us to enter scores at the conclusion of the competition.

This new system also allows a competitor to receive credit for competing in local comps with either a Day-Member pass or an annual Competitor membership. To be eligible for Regionals, the competitor needs to both:
  - purchase the annual Competitor membership before the close of Regionals registration
  - competed in two local comps in that discipline (with either day pass or annual membership)

Note that the fees paid for Day-member passes will not be applied or credited toward the cost of any other type of USAC membership.


In order to help avoid disappointment, confusion, or even disqualification, it is everyone's responsibility to know and understand the USA Climbing rules.

We highly recommend that everyone be familiar with the USA Climbing Rulebook.  There are some significant changes made to the rules for the 2017-2018 year, and the first section of the rulebook is "Significant Changes -- Overview."  This is a great place to start if you've read the rulebook before.

For Bouldering season: All climbers, parents, coaches, friends, and especially judges: please watch the 2017-2018 Championship Bouldering Competition Rules Video prior to attending or participating in Bouldering Regionals, Divisionals, or Nationals.

For Sport & Speed season: All climbers, parents, coaches, friends, and especially judges and belayers: please watch the Sport Climbing Rules video prior to attending or participating in Sport& Speed Regionals, Divisionals, or Nationals.

If there is any climbers briefing in iso, it will be primarily for items specific to that competition or to that venue/gym.  The climbers briefing cannot (and will not) fully review all the rules. It is the responsibility of the coaches and climbers to ensure they know the rules.


All the USA Climbing Championship events run on volunteer power. All the judges, belayers monitors, escorts, runners, and scorers are volunteers and without them we cannot provide the successful championship event that all our climbers have trained so hard for!

Parents and friends who have volunteered in the past: thank you and yes, we will need your generous help again. In fact, please help spread the word among the others on your team and at your gym -- volunteering isn't complicated, it's satisfying, it's educational, and it's appreciated by all the competitors! If you can, bring along someone who hasn't judged before, and we'll help you show them how capable they are to help out.

Those who have yet to volunteer: please consider signing up to help your climber(s) at this championship event. You can be assured that you are just as capable as any of the amazing volunteers that we see consistently helping at all the USAC events. You'll watch the Bouldering Competition Rules Video (see link above) or the Sport Climbing Rules video (see above) beforehand, and we'll review things during a briefing the day of the comp. We will prepare you, and we will help you feel prepared.

We strive to arrange volunteer assignments so that you can see your climber(s) -- that's one reason we ask for the category of your climber(s). While we can't guarantee you'll see all of your climber's attempts, we've been successful with this in the past. In fact, the more volunteers we get, the more we can have duplicate judges and substitutes! Also, please also consider signing up for the session before or session after your climber(s).


The New England East region is one of two that make up Division 8:
    New England East (802): VT, ME,NH, Eastern MA   (our region)
    New England West (801): NY, CT,RI, Western MA  (neighboring region)

The New England East Regional Coordinators (RCs) are:
    Mark Vasta, Matt Ornes, and Shannon Lucia
    (see the Region 802 Contacts link on the right side of this page.)

Nearby Regions (for other local competitions):
    New England West (801): NY, CT, RI, Western MA
    Rustbelt (702): OH, PA, NJ






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