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Welcome to the Capital Region page. The Capital Region (Region 701) is one of two regions that make up Division 7 and includes Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Maryland and Delaware. Rustbelt (702) is the other region in our Division and includes Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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  • 2017 Bouldering Youth Regional Championship
  • 2018 Bouldering Youth Divisional Championship
  • 2017-2018 Membership and Season
  • Membership Requirements for Local Competitions
  • General Season Information



Congratulations to everyone that competed at Regionals! Big thanks to the Earth Treks staff and setters for putting on a great comp as they always do and to all the volunteers who helped make this happen! Top of FormBottom of Form



Saturday-Sunday, January 13-14, 2018
Philadelphia Rock Gym — Wyncote, PA

First round registration has closed. Those that have a blue asterisk next to their names on the
results page have received a first round invitation. Re-Issued First Round Invitation charts will be posted on the USA Climbing website by the end of the day on Thursday, December 14th. The only notification for 2nd and subsequent round invitees is via the posted 2nd Round Invitation chart, which will be posted by the end of the day on Friday, Dec. 15 on the USAC website.
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All event info will be posted on the
Rustbelt region page.

Two day, on-sight bouldering competition with the “Multi-zone” format with qualifiers on Saturday and finals on Sunday.
> Read the Multi-Zone document highlights
> Watch the new Bouldering Rules video
> Read the updated Rulebook

The top six (6) competitors in each gender/category will receive an invitation from Youth Divisional Championships to Youth National Championships.

ISO (Isolation):

  • Climbers report to a cordoned off ISO area at check-in to ensure that they do not see the problems prior to their turn.
  • Climbers are not allowed in the competition area until after they have completed climbing.
  • Only climbers and USA Climbing certified coaches who have met all requirements are allowed in the isolation area.
  • Climbers are not allowed to leave the isolation area until it is their turn to climb.
  • Climbers are not allowed to have phones or internet connected devices in the isolation area.
  • They may bring food and drinks.
  • There is a bathroom available in the isolation area.
  • There are walls to warm up on in the isolation area. There are volunteer monitors in the isolation area.


  • Climbers come out of isolation in a pre determined running order.
  • The running order will be posted prior to the start of the competition.
  • They climb the first problem for their category first.
  • They are allowed to try the problem as many times as they want for the allotted climbing period. After the time period ends, the climber transitions to the next climb then rests for the next time period while the 2nd climber in the running order climbs the first climb. At the end of the second climbing period, the first climber begins the second problem, the second climber rests and the third climber begins the first problem. This progression continues until all of the climbers have climbed all of the problems.
  • Once a climber completes all the problems in that round, they may watch the other competitors.
  • Climbers are scored for the highest Zone handhold that they reach and "control" on the problem during the time period (Zones: 5, 10, 15 or 25 [top]). Falls will be recorded and .1 will be deducted per fall to a competitor’s highest point.
  • Climbers are not allowed to receive any coaching, tips or direction (beta) from coaches, competitors or spectators during their climbing and resting periods or while transitioning to next climbs. 



Registration for the 2017-2018 season membership is now open! Register here.

The Capital Region schedule is posted on the Region 701 Schedule & Results page. Registration for local comps in this region fills up quickly. We strongly recommend that you register for each comp as early as possible. Climbers can compete at “local” comps outside of the Capital Region to fulfill their 2 comp requirement necessary to compete at the respective discipline’s Regional Championship. The 2-comp requirement does not apply for “speed only” competitors. For nearby regions’ full schedules, visit the Rustbelt Schedule and Midsouth Schedule pages.


Dec. 9, 2017

Bouldering Youth Regional Championships

Earth Treks
Rockville, MD

Jan. 13-14, 2018

Bouldering Youth Division 7 Championships

Philadelphia Rock Gym
Wyncote, PA

February 2-3, 2018

Bouldering Open National Championships

Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, UT

February 3, 2018

Bouldering Citizens’ National Championships

Location TBD

February 9-11, 2018

Bouldering Youth National Championships

Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, UT



March 16-17, 2018

Sport & Speed Open National Championships

Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness Center
Reno, NV

May 12, 2018

Sport & Speed Youth Regional Championships

Peak Experiences
Midlothian, VA

June 16-17, 2018

Sport & Speed Youth Division 7 Championships

Vertical Adventures
Columbus, OH

July 12-15, 2018

Sport & Speed Youth National Championships

Location TBD



In order to compete at a USA Climbing sanctioned youth bouldering local, competitors must either:

  • be current 2017-2018 annual members or
  • have registered for a $10 Day-member pass online via the USA Climbing website prior to the competition.

A $10 Day-member pass can be purchased as early as the Monday before the competition. [This is a change from last year where day passes were only valid for 24 hours]. It will allow you to compete in a USA Climbing sanctioned local competition and be placed amongst the other competitors in your category at the event. The fees paid for Day-member passes will not be applied or credited toward any other type of USAC membership. 

For more information or to register for annual or day-member membership, visit the Membership page.



A USA Climbing membership is valid from September 1 through August 31 annually and covers both Bouldering and Sport & Speed seasons. For more information on memberships and age category breakdowns, click here.

Bouldering: a number of individual, short routes or “problems,” are attempted without a climbing rope, but with landing mats for protection.

Bouldering local season runs from Sept. 1, 2017 to Nov. 26, 2017. Youth competitors are required to compete in a minimum of two USA Climbing sanctioned local bouldering competitions in order to be eligible to compete in the Bouldering Regional Championship.

Sport: routes are climbed on lead or top-rope, with the competitor belayed from below. For lead, each quickdraw is clipped sequentially. Speed: routes are attempted on top-rope, with the competitor belayed from below. Competitors are ranked based on how long it takes them to climb a specific route (usually standardized).

Sport & Speed local season runs from February 17 through April 29, 2018. Youth Sport competitors are required to compete in a minimum of two USA Climbing sanctioned local Sport competitions in order to be eligible to compete in Sport at the Sport & Speed Regional Championship.

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