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Below is the FINAL schedule for the 2017 Midwest Regional Bouldering Championship to be held on Saturday, December 9 at Upper Limits gym in Maryland Heights, MO

We needs LOTS of volunteers to make this event happen.  Sign-up for a shift here.

Schedule (as of December 3)

7:00 AM Isolation Opens for FYD & FYC
8:00 AM Isolation Closes for FYD & 
8:01 AM Gym Opens to Spectators
8:30 AM Climbing begins for FYD & FYC 
9:00 AM Isolation Opens for MYD
9:45 AM Isolation Opens for MYC
10:00 AM  Isolation Closes for MYD 
10:30 AM   Climbing begins MYD (approximate time)
10:30 AM   Isolation Opens for MYB
10:45 AM   Isolation Closes for MYC 
11:15 AM   Climbing begins MYC (approximate time)
11:30 AM   Isolation Closes for MYB
12:00 PM   Isolation Opens for FYB
12:00 PM  Climbing begins for MYB (approximate time)
1:00 PM Isolation Closes for FYB
1:00 PM Isolation Opens for MYA 
1:30 PM Climbing begins for FYB (approximate time)
2:00 PM Isolation Closes for MYA
2:30 PM Climbing begins for MYA (approximate time)
2:45 PM Isolation Opens for FYA
3:15 PM Isolation Opens for FJR & MJR
3:45 PM Isolation Closes for FYA
4:15 PM Isolation Closes for FJR & MJR
4:15 PM Climbing begins for FYA (approximate time)
4:45 PM Climbing begins for MJR (approximate time)
5:45 PM Climbing begins for FJR (approximate time)
7:30 PM Climbing Ends (approximate time)
8:00 PM Awards Ceremony for all categories (approximate time)


Hotel Information: There is a discounted block of rooms at the Marriott Courtyard Westport.  Here is the reservation link.

Bouldering Championship Season

Regionals (1-day event):  December 9 at Upper Limits - Maryland Heights, MO
Divisionals (2-day event): January 13-14 at Vertical Endeavors -Bloomington

Open (Adult) Nationals: February 2-3 in Salt Lake City, UT
Youth Nationals: February 9-11 in Salt Lake City, UT

Midwest Regional Coordinators:
Dustin Skinner (dustin@usaclimbing.org)
Steve Struthers (mnstruthers@yahoo.com)
Mike de la Paz (mgdelapaz@gmail.com)

Founding Partner: