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Region 202 Contacts

Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators are volunteer USA Climbing representatives who donate their time and energy to ensure the USA Climbing youth competitions run smoothly and in accordance with the USA Climbing rules.

There is a lot of planning, organization, and mileage involved in coordinating and running 12 local competitions and 4 championship events each year. We do this because we are invested in the Southern California and Southern Nevada climbing communities.

We encourage all parents to volunteer at local competitions and championship events! Working together, we can provide safe, fair, and successful competitions for our Region's youth climbers.


If you have questions, feel free to contact:

Adrienne Beauchamp                     Role: Scorekeeper/Assistant Event Coordinator

Phone number: 310-213-6367          Email: beauchampa@verizon.net


Steve Davis                                      Role: Co-Chief Judge

Phone number:  949-300-1508         Email: steve@kazegamas.com


Rich Endo                                         Role: Web Master

Phone number:  310-344-7066          Email: richscwm@theendos.com


Bayan Suleman                                       Role: Co-Chief Judge
Phone number:    
951-496-2430               Email: bayansuleman@hotmail.com 

Liz Whaley                                        Role: Event Coordinator/Facebook Coordinator/Las Vegas Liaison

Phone number:  702-807-0803          Email: lizwhaley@gmail.com


Eric Wong                                        Role: Volunteer Coordinator          Email:  ericwong.sci@gmail.com 





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