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202-Southern CA and S. NV

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2019-2020 SCHEDULE

Bouldering Local Competitions

Registration/Preparation Steps:

  1. Purchase a new 2019-2020 USA Climbing Competitor or Introductory Membership here 
  2. Register on the host gym website (links below)
  3. Fill out the host gym waiver for all competitors and spectators (links below)
  4. Sign up to volunteer on the host gym website (links below)
  5. Read the 2019-2020 USA Climbing Rulebook and watch the Bouldering Rules Video 

    posted hereDiscuss modified redpoint/onsight format and any questions with your coach.

Nov 16 - Aesthetic Climbing Gym - Onsight Competition Information Waiver  Volunteer Sign Up   Running Order

Schedule: Sat Nov 16th

Session 1 - FYD, FYC, FYB, FYA = ISO Open: 7:15am - ISO Close: 8:00am*
Session 2 - MYD, MYC, MYB, MYA = ISO Open: 12:15pm - ISO Close: 1:00pm*
Session 3 - FJR, MJR = ISO Open: 4:00pm - ISO Close: 4:30pm*

Competitor Reminders:
- Onsight format with 6 problems per category
- 4 min climb/rest time & 30 sec transition
- Competitors will be called to on-deck chairs 9 min prior to climb time listed on running order.
- Every competitor must have a current ACG waiver to enter isolation. Please fill out waivers BEFORE Friday 11/15.
- To prepare for the first onsight bouldering competition this season, competitors should watch the USA Climbing Bouldering Rules Video and read the onsight bouldering competition rules in the USA Climbing Rulebook.
- The competitor check-in/isolation entrance is at the ACG front door.
- Competitors should know their category and climb time and be prepared for the length of their wait time in isolation.
- There are no deliveries in isolation. Please remember to bring climbing shoes, chalk bag, extra chalk, drinks, snacks, and non-electronic entertainment. No cellphones or internet devices in isolation.
- When exiting isolation, competitors must take all their belongings. There is no re-entry to isolation for forgotten items.
- There will be water filling stations. Please bring reusable water containers.
- The gym is closed for setting. Competitors cannot enter the gym until their isolation check-in time.

Parent/Volunteer Reminders:
- Parents please sign up to volunteer TODAY! 75% of the volunteer slots are full! But more judges and runners are needed to sign up as soon as possible to complete the volunteer assignments in advance. No experience required! All parent volunteers can watch their children climb. Volunteer benefits include a t-shirt, raffle ticket, and 5 visit punch card.
- Volunteer Judges training meetings are scheduled at the gym on Thursday 11/14 and Friday 11/15 at 6:00 pm. Volunteer judges are encouraged to attend but attendance is not required. If you cannot attend the meetings, please watch the USA Climbing Bouldering Rules Video and read the onsight bouldering competition rules in the USA Climbing Rulebook.
- Parents, siblings, spectators, and volunteers must have a current ACG waiver to enter the gym. Please fill out waivers BEFORE Friday.
- Parents, spectators, and volunteers please use the ACG back entrance through the roll up doors.

- Please remember there is no communication with your climber until they have finished competing. You are encouraged to cheer, but do NOT give any beta/climbing advice.



Bouldering Regional Championships:
Dec 14/15 - Touchstone Hollywood Boulders  Onsight Registration Waiver   Volunteer Sign Up  

Registration will remain open until 10:59 p.m. PST on Monday, November 25, 2019. 

This is a 2-day single round event. The tentative schedule is:
Sat Dec 14 - FYA, FYB, FYC, MJR, MYC
Sun Dec 15 - FJR, FYD, MYA, MYB, MYD

There will be more competitors this year. We need ALL families to provide at least 1 volunteer! 
Saturday competitors are encouraged to volunteer on Sunday. Sunday competitors will be allowed to enter the
gym and are encouraged to volunteer 
on SaturdayThere is a suitable role for everyone (first time/experienced 
volunteer, new to the sport/knowledgeable climber, 
sitting/standing/walking, watching the action/behind the
scenes). It takes over 20 volunteers to enable each 
climber to compete. Please do your part to support your climber!

Hollywood Boulders is generously offering volunteer benefits including food, drinks, and day passes good at 
any Touchstone location! As an extra incentive, the RC team will be giving an award to the Region 202 youth 
climbing team with the highest percentage of volunteers signed up before December 1st! Please encourage 
your team members/parents to sign up NOW!

Bouldering Divisional Championships:

Jan 18/19 - Mesa Rim Academy This is a 2-day dual round event with competitors in all categories competing in
Qualifiers on Saturday, and the advancing competitors in all categories competing in Finals on Sunday.  

Bouldering National Championships:

Feb 7/8/9 Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center, Redmond, OR  Bouldering Youth Nationals information is posted here

All parents and A/JR competitors, please sign up for a *free* USA Climbing Non-Covered Volunteer Membership here.
And then, p
lease sign up to volunteer on the host gym website (links above). Every climbing family is expected to
provide at least one volunteer for one local competition and all championship level events in which their competitor
competes during both bouldering and sport & speed seasons. An explanation of why climbing competitions require
so many volunteers is posted 

Regional Coordinators 
If you have questions, please feel free to contact:

Adrienne Beauchamp    Role: Scorekeeper/Assistant Event Coordinator

Steve Davis                   Role: Co-Chief Judge

Rich Endo                      Role: Web Master

Bayan Suleman             Role: Co-Chief Judge

Liz Whaley                    Role: Event Coordinator/Facebook Coordinator/Las Vegas Liaison

Eric Wong .                   Role: Volunteer Coordinator



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