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Regional Coordinators

If you have questions, feel free to contact:

Steve Davis         Role:  Chief Judge

Phone number:  949-300-1508          Email:  steve@kazegamas.com

Oletha Darensburg          Role:  Event Coordinator/Chief Scorekeeper

Phone number:  858-229-7236          Email:  olethacoordinator@yahoo.com

Adrienne Beauchamp          Role:  Event Coordinator/Assistant Scorekeeper

Phone number:  310-213-6367          Email:  beauchampa@verizon.net

Rich Endo          Role:  Web Master

Phone number:  310-344-7066          Email:  richscwm@theendos.com

Liz Whaley          Role:  Competition Scheduler/Las Vegas Liaison/Facebook Coordinator

Phone number:  702-807-0803          Email: lizwhaley@gmail.com

Daniel Grant          Role:  Volunteer Coordinator

Phone number:  619-865-8099         Email: Daniel.j.grant@gmail.com

Sport & Speed Season 2017

Hello all!

Registration is now open for Rockreation, Costa Mesa, and Regionals at Sender One LAX respectively.

If your athlete is planning on attending Regionals in May they will need:

1. To compete at two local competitions this season in state or out of state.

2. Be a registered member with USAC.    JOIN NOW

3/4     Redpoint at  Aesthetic Climbing Gym, Lake Forest         Results!

3/18   Redpoint at  Hanger 18, Riverside                                    Results!

4/1     Redpoint at  SenderOne, Santa Ana                                        Results!

4/29   Onsight at  Rockreation, Costa Mesa     Register here...


Rockreation Competition

April 29, 2017



Registration closes @ 11:59PM on Tuesday 4/25.

Running Orders will be released on or by 4/28.


First ISO check in time / Volunteer Arrival: 7:00AM
Belayer / Judges Meeting: 7:15AM
First Climber from each category begins: 8:00AM
*As of right now with current sign ups, climbing will be completed by:
11:30AM - subject to change based on registration.



First ISO check in time / Volunteer Arrival: 12:00PM
Belayer / Judges Meeting: 12:15PM
First Climber from each category begins: 1:00PM
*As of right now with current sign ups, climbing will be completed by
4:30PM - subject to change based on registration.

Please Note:

  • This is an Onsight Format with a Rolling ISO - specific ISO check in times will be 1 hour before individual climb times (For example: climb time is 9:30am, climber needs to arrive by 8:30am or earlier.)

  • There will be no late entry to ISO. Climbers may check-in earlier, but no later than 1 hour prior to their climbing time. Late climbers will be turned away.

  • There is no re-entry to ISO. Coaches, once you leave ISO, you may not return, not even for the afternoon session. Please plan accordingly.

  • The routes for Jr’s, A’s, and B’s will all be LEAD only


If you are not on the current coaches list, then you will not be allowed into ISO.  If you are a coach and not sure of your status, you can find the current coaches list at http://www.usaclimbing.org/Officials/Coaches/Coach_Membership_List.htm .  If you have any questions about your status, please contact John Muse at john@usaclimbing.org.   

5/13       Onsight Regionals at SenderOne, LAX

Register here for Sport & Speed Youth Regional Championships

Hotel Info

6/17-18  Onsight Divisionals at  Mission Cliffs, San Fransisco

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