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202-Southern CA and S. NV

Regional Coordinators

If you have questions, feel free to contact:

Steve Davis         Role:  Chief Judge

Phone number:  949-300-1508          Email:  steve@kazegamas.com

Oletha Darensburg          Role:  Event Coordinator/Chief Scorekeeper

Phone number:  858-229-7236          Email:  olethacoordinator@yahoo.com

Adrienne Beauchamp          Role:  Event Coordinator/Assistant Scorekeeper

Phone number:  310-213-6367          Email:  beauchampa@verizon.net

Rich Endo          Role:  Web Master

Phone number:  310-344-7066          Email:  richscwm@theendos.com

Liz Whaley          Role:  Competition Scheduler/Las Vegas Liaison/Facebook Coordinator

Phone number:  702-807-0803          Email: lizwhaley@gmail.com

Daniel Grant          Role:  Volunteer Coordinator

Phone number:  619-865-8099         Email: Daniel.j.grant@gmail.com


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SoCal News

Nov 4 - Onsight

Top Out Climbing Gym

26332 Ferry Court

Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Call to register: 661-288-1813

or click [register]

Nov 18 - Redpoint

The Wall Climbing Gym

1210 Keystone Way

Vista, CA 92081

Dec 9 - 10 - Regionals

Mesa Rim The Academy

10070 Mesa Rim Road

San Diego, CA 92121




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