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202-Southern CA and S. NV

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2018-2019 SCHEDULE

Sport & Speed Divisional Championships:

June 15/16, 2019 - Mesa Rim Mission Valley

Divisionals Information including Schedule and Running Orders is posted on the Region 201/NorCal Sport & Speed Divisional Championship webpage.  


Sport & Speed Youth National Championships:

July 11/12/13/14, 2019 - Reach Climbing, Bridgeport, PA

Each climbing family is expected to provide at least one volunteer for at least one local competition and all championship level events in which their competitor competes during both bouldering and sport & speed seasons. Please see the host gym registration page for volunteer sign up instructions.



In part, this is because climbing competitions involve a new, unique "field of play" every time:

    Most other sports use the same standardized, unchanged fields/venues over and over. Although these fields/venues require maintenance, it isn't many thousands of $ to build the "field of play" each and every event. Climbing comps require a large routesetting crew and 6-7 days of shutting down all/part of a revenue-generating climbing gym, followed by a competition in a sport requiring serious liability insurance for the gym and USA Climbing.

    Most other sports don't have the human resource requirements either. The entire onsight format depends heavily on having isolation run properly, and well-trained judges to make fair and clear assessment of a climber's achievement. To run a fair and safe comp for 250 competitors, that respects the effort that our climbers have put into training, requires almost 200 slots to be filled, nearly a 1:1 ratio. In comparison, a swim meet for over 200 competitors at an 8-lane poll needs less than 15 volunteers+officials; a soccer tourney with 200 players requires 20-40 vounteers+officials. A climbing competition therefore requires 5X to 10X the number of volunteers as these other sports. While other sports can have a small fraction of families helping at the competitions, youth climbing events need to have most families involved in at least one volunteer role.

    The quanity of volunteers is partially driven by the need for coverage -- to ensure volunteers have the ability to watch their climber, and their climber can be watched. It's important that they can briefly step away from their assignment to watch, while still ensuring a level of consistency in judging. The number of slots are sized to allow this coverage, and to meet the standards of quality and fairness expected.

    Thoughtful planning of judge pairing so that volunteers can watch their climber, as well as putting less experienced judges with experienced judges, requires time. The earlier the signups are filled, the earlier that process can start.

    Thank you!

    -Your friendly (volunteer) Regional Coordinator team

    Classic Redpoint Rules

    Modified Redpoint Rules

     Regional Coordinators 

    If you have questions, feel free to contact:

    Adrienne Beauchamp    Role: Scorekeeper/Assistant Event Coordinator

    Steve Davis                   Role: Co-Chief Judge

    Rich Endo                      Role: Web Master

    Bayan Suleman             Role: Co-Chief Judge

    Liz Whaley                    Role: Event Coordinator/Facebook Coordinator/Las Vegas Liaison

    Eric Wong .                   Role: Volunteer Coordinator





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