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202-Southern CA and S. NV

For Region 202 announcements, competition information, and pictures, please join the USA Climbing Forum at https://forum.usaclimbing.org/ and follow us on Facebook USA Climbing Southern California & Southern Nevada and Instagram @usacsocal. Unofficial consolidated results and information can be found at https://wobblerclimbing.com/regions/202.

2019-2020 SCHEDULE 

Sport Season

Mar 28 - Stronghold  This event is canceled. Stronghold will be refunding all registration fees. 
Please contact the front desk staff with any questions at 323-505-7000.

Apr 4 -
Sender One Santa Ana  This event is canceled. 

Regionals - May 9/10 - Mesa Rim Mira Mesa

Divisionals - June 20/21 - Mesa Rim Reno

Nationals - July 9-12 - Reach Climbing, Bridgeport, PA

All parents and A/JR competitors, please sign up for a *free* USA Climbing Non-Covered Volunteer Membership here.
And then, p
lease sign up to volunteer on the host gym website (links above). Every climbing family is expected to
provide at least one volunteer for one local competition and all championship level events in which their competitor
competes during both Bouldering and Sport & Speed Seasons.

Volunteer Regional Coordinators 
If you have questions, please feel free to contact:

Adrienne Beauchamp    Role: Scorekeeper/Assistant Event Coordinator

Steve Davis                    Role: Volunteer Judge Coordinator

Rich Endo                      Role: Web Master

Valerie Smith                  Role: Assistant Scorekeeper/Assistant Event Coordinator

Bayan Suleman              Role: Chief Judge

Liz Whaley                    Role: Event Coordinator/Social Media Coordinator/Las Vegas Liaison



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