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Region 201 Contacts

Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators are volunteer USA Climbing representatives that make sure USAC competitions run smoothly.

There is a lot of planning, organization, and time that goes into running 12 locals (about 6 per season) and 4 Championship events each year. We do this because we are invested in this wonderful climbing community in the NorCal area.

We encourage you to volunteer at events so that we can put on a safe and fair competition for these young climbers.

Region 201 RCs:

  • Jason Wong - jwong1@email.com
  • Madeleine Palmer - mail4madwoman@yahoo.com
  • Anne Smith - aqsmith@yahoo.com
  • Nicola Austerfield - nicola@austerfields.com
  • Daniel Grant - Daniel.j.grant@gmail.com
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