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101-Puget Sound

REGIONAL COORDINATORS: Chris Trinidad, Nanda Radhakrishnan, James O'francia & Larry Tseng


Facebook Group for Region 101

For fast breaking notifications on regional news, please join the new Facebook group for Region 101 https://www.facebook.com/groups/USAC101/links to external site

Information will appear first on this Facebook group, because it can notify you by email or app notifications immediately and automatically. You don't have to keep refreshing this page.


Sport & Speed Divisional 2019

Please note: no climbing competitors, coaches, parents, etc are allowed in the Seattle Vertical World gym starting June 11th. [Yep, yesterday. Posting here at the request of the gym who's had turn some folks away.]

Note there is an optional athlete check in on Friday, June 14th from 4:00pm to 7:30pm at the competition venue gym. At that time, the competitor can receive their comp shirt, ask questions and fill out any needed waivers. There will be no bibs or scorecards given out.

Final schedule: schedulelinks to external site

Running Orders: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1woi7vTBxjM2AYLszh4rDVvNYnchwSLEylinks to external site

Speed Running Order: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t0OgMeeEh8AFzXBCjgA5KOzjQkTqBRn6links to external site

[6/12 2pm Running Orders updated with a name typed wrong.  Links (and all assigned time slots) stayed the same, but point to new files.  6/14 1pm  Running Orders updated with MYB swap of 2 climbers. ]



No More Day Memberships -> Intro Membership only good for Locals 

Beginning with the 2018-2019 Climbing Season, USA Climbing will be moving away
from the Day-Membership ($10) and incorporating the Introductory Membership ($20) in
its place.
The new Introductory Membership will be applicable for all local competitions (Youth
and Collegiate) in addition to National Cup Series competitions. The Introductory
Membership can be used at multiple local events. You do not need to purchase a new
Introductory Membership for each local event as you did with Day-Memberships. The
Introductory Membership is also good for both climbing seasons (Bouldering and Sport
& Speed). Not to be confused with the Competitor Membership, the Introductory
Membership is not applicable for championship level competitions (Regional, Divisional,
and National). If your competitor is planning on competing at any USA Climbing
championship level competition, our recommendation is to purchase the Competitor
Membership at the beginning of the climbing season and prior to your competitors first
If a competitor purchases an Introductory Membership ($20) and then later decides to
upgrade their membership to the Competitor Membership ($95), the fees paid for the
Introductory Membership may not be credited toward the Competitor Membership.
Our hope is that the Introductory Membership will allow climbers an easier entry into the
sport of competitive climbing, providing them an opportunity to try several local
competitions before making the larger commitment towards championship level


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