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Below is a link to a printable .pdf version of our USA Climbing Rulebook, this rule book houses all of the important information: Competition Disciplines, General Rules, Protocols, Policies and more. 

2019-2020 USA Climbing Rulebook - Version Two 

(Updated: November 30, 2019)

 Rule 3.12.3 update approved 10/29/2019:

The registration period for the Regional Championships shall be a period of three (3) weeks, where the end of the registration period shall be the Monday following the last weekend of the Youth Local season for the same discipline. For the avoidance of doubt, the registration period shall start on the Monday three weeks prior to the end of the registration period.  During this period, all eligible competitors (refer to rule 3.10 above) are encouraged to register. After this registration period, USAC will post a registration chart of currently registered competitors. All other eligible competitors who have not yet registered may register during a twenty-four (24) hour late registration period but shall incur a late fee of $50.00 during this additional period.



Bouldering Rules Video 

Climbing Rules Video

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at rules@usaclimbing.org!


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