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General Routesetter Position Application
To apply for current positions announced, use this form:
USAC Routesetter Application

National Chief Routesetter Position Application
To apply for current positions announced, use this form:
USAC National Chief Routesetter Application

Certified Routesetters
USA Climbing regularly updates the list of currently certified Routesetters. We hope the publication of this list will assist gym owners, managers and Chief Routesetters in hiring for competition positions, and continue to improve the standards of competition routesetting in the US.

Certification Matrix
The USA Climbing Routesetting and Clinic Certification Program consists of a 5 Level Certification system for competition routesetters. Detailed information on each level of certification can be found on the Certification page, and this document outlines the process of obtaining certification and endorsements and the eligibility for USA Climbing competition routesetting based on those certification levels.
Certification Matrix

Path of a Routesetter
The Path of a Routesetter shows the basic steps of a USA Climbing Competition Routesetter through the certification process. For most routesetters, each step of this process will take a great deal of experience, commitment, personal resources, and dedication. If you are interested in the USA Climbing Routesetting Certification Program, this document helps detail the process:
Path of a Routesetter

Petition for Certification
Under special circumstances, the USA Climbing Routesetting Committee may approve Certification for a Routesetter based on prior experience and an active pursuit of further certification through USA Climbing. Please contact the Chairman of the Routesetting Committee and use this form to submit a petition:
Petition For Certification

Routesetting Committee Membership Application
To apply for Routesetting Committee Membership, use this form:
USAC Routesetting Committee Membership Application  (APPLICATION PERIOD OPEN UNTIL SEPT 1st, 2016)

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