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As part of the USA Climbing Routesetting Clinic and Certification program, USAC organizes Level 1 and Level 2 clinics for routesetters across the country.

Level 1 Routesetting Clinic

The USA Climbing Level 1 Routesetting Clinic teaches participants basic proficiency of routesetting fundamentals and basic skills for competition routesetting. Successful participants will receive a Level 1 Certification.  The Participation Fee is $200, and all participants must have an active USAC Routesetter Annual Membership ($55). Beginner and experienced routesetters alike are welcomed as long as they have 6 months or more routesetting experience and can work V3 or 5.10.

Level 2 Routesetting Clinic

The USA Climbing Level 2 Routesetting Clinic teaches and tests participants' knowledge of on-sight routesetting and other skills necessary to set effectively for Championship level events.  There is a competitive application process for Level 2 Clinics and to be considered, applicants should have significant competition Routesetting experience, Chief Routesetter experience, and must be able to work V7 and 5.13.  Successful participants will receive Level 2 Certification, having gained experience that can contribute to their effective work at Regional competitions, and are then eligible to apply for official Divisional or National Internships.  The Participation Fee is $400, and all participants must have an active USAC Routesetter Annual Membership ($55).


Most large commercial climbing gyms may host a Level 1 clinic at their facility, if they have significant bouldering and route terrain but USA Climbing must review all possible host facilities before scheduling.  Level 2 clinics are scheduled by USA Climbing typically two - three times per year based on various detailed specifications of the host facility and location selection based on diverse geographic offerings.

For full details visit the hosting page and inquire to