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Official News for USA Climbing Routesetting


National Chiefs Announcement

We are excited to announce the National Chiefs for the 2021 climbing season.  Please refer to the Competitions page for more information. 

At the National Cup Series events in 2021, the Chief Routesetter and assistant is assigned by USA Climbing; all other routesetters are determined by the host facility.  Additional opportunities will be available at Canadian and South American National Cup events as well.  All other routesetters are coordinated by the host facility at their discretion.  For the National Championship events in 2019, USA Climbing assigns the Chief Routesetter and all other positions (Assistant/Apprentice/Intern).  For those other positions, there will be a formal application process, the first of which will be opened in late November.  Please do not apply until the formal application period is announced on this website.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Covid19 pandemic and the associated closures of states that go along with it, USA Climbing has postponed all of the spring 2020 clinics until further notice. 

We are working closely with the potential host facilities for these clinics to determine the best course of action moving forward.  If you have any questions regarding clinics please feel free to reach out to the Routesetting Program Manager, Mike Bockino, at mike@usaclimbing.org

 Youth Virtual Bouldering Redpoints have begun!

Please refer to the following resources when preparing for these events:

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