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Official News for USA Climbing Routesetting

7/05/19 - Level 2 Clinic Scheduled for August 19-21st at Stone Age Climbing


We have scheduled the next Level 2 Clinic in Albuquerque, NM, to be held at Stone Age Climbing. The Clinic will be held Monday to Wednesday, August 19th – 21st, 2019 and the Chief Instructor will be Luke Bertelsen.  Qualified routesetters must apply to take part in this clinic and there are limited spots available. See all the information on the CLINICS page and apply directly using the form on that page in the Level 2 Announcement. 

Please note – application for Level 2 Clinics is very competitive and the strongest candidates will be those that have the best combination of the following factors for consideration:  Level 1 Certification, experience routesetting at Championship Level events, significant Chief Routesetter experience at competitions/gyms, strong references, and those who represent strong USA Climbing partner gyms/regions.  We will consider all applications as they are submitted and encourage those to apply who have depth of experience and qualifications.

To apply to the Level 2 Clinic download the application form here or on the CLINICS page and send to routesetting@usaclimbing.org.  The deadline for applications is 5pm MTN Friday July 12th, 2019.

Accepted applicants will be provided a link directly to the USAC registration page.  With any questions regarding this clinic, contact Luke Bertelsen, the Chief Instructor, at luke@rocksandropes.com or Chris Danielson, Administrator of the Routesetting Clinic and Certification Program at routesetting@usaclimbing.org

6/28/19 - Level 1 Clinics Scheduled for July, Aug and Sept

We are pleased to announce three upcoming Level 1 Clinics. Note: For those interested in applying to a Level 2 Clinic, we are also working on scheduling a next Level 2, to be confirmed for mid-August, and the application period for this should be announced very soon. 

LEVEL 1 Clinics: A Level 1 Clinic is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in improving their overall routesetting, learning fundamental skill sets for competition routesetting, and taking the first step towards advancing as a USAC competition routesetter. Please go to the CLINICS page and register directly through the link for the clinic. Clinic location and info:

July 29/30, 2019 – Vertical Endeavors; Bloomington, MN – Chief Instructor Nic Oklobzija

August 26/27, 2019 – MetroRock Littleton; Littleton, MA – Chief Instructor Mike Bockino

September 18/19, 2019 – Tyler Rock Gym; Tyler, TX – Chief Instructor TBD

Registration is first-come, first-served and you should have 6 months experience routesetting and be able to comfortably work 5.10/V3.  If you want to participate we encourage you to register as soon as possible as we continue to see growing interest in Level 1 Clinics. 

Additionally, more Level 1 Clinics will be scheduled for later this fall and winter.  If you work with a climbing gym and may be interested in hosting a Level 1 Clinic, or have general questions about the program, please contact the Administrator of the Routesetting Clinic and Certification Program, Chris Danielson at routesetting@usaclimbing.org.   

4/17/19 - Intern Application Period Open for Sport & Speed Youth Divisional Championships 

We have opened the application period for Sport Youth Divisional Championships and this season we have official Internships at four Youth Divisional Championship competitions, listed below.  Please remember when applying that you will only be considered for a Divisional outside of your own home Division.  Intern positions are unpaid and Intern Routesetters must cover their own travel expenses.  It is possible that accommodation may be coordinated but this is dependent on the host facility and Chief Routesetter and is not guaranteed.

Those of you who applied during the earlier application period for National Internships need not submit another application if interested to be considered, but please email Chris Danielson at routesetting@usaclimbing.org to confirm which of the below Divisionals Internships you are interested in applying for or with any questions.

Please find the Application form on the Resources page, and email to routesetting@usaclimbing.org

DEADLINE TO APPLY for any of the positions listed below: 5pm EST April 21, 2019


All Divisional competitions are held June 15th/16th, 2019

Division 1:  Vertical World Redmond; Redmond, WA – Chief:  Bret Johnston

Division 3:  Momentum Millcreek; Salt Lake City, UT – Chief:  John Oungst

Division 6:  High Point Birmingham, AL – Chief:  Cody Grodzki

Division 7:  Vertical Adventures, OH – Chief:  Rylan Marshall  

There is one official Internship available at each of the above Divisionals. In order to apply you:

  • Must have Level 2 Certification
  • May only apply to Intern outside of your home Division 

To apply for a position at any of the above events, please download the Routesetter Application Form on the Resources page and send your Internship application to routesetting@usaclimbing.org.  

Any questions, please contact Chris Danielson at routesetting@usaclimbing.org

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