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Official News for USA Climbing Routesetting

Positions Announced and Application Period Open for Winter and Spring Competitions

We are excited to announce the open application period for positions at the following competitions:

National Team Trials:  March 16-20, High Point Climbing and Fitness Memphis, TN

National Cup Series Stop 1:  May 28-30, Location TBD 

National Cup Series Stop 2:  June 11-13, Vail Mountain Games Vail, CO 

Please read below for more info.  You are encouraged to apply to positions at different events but MUST have the requisite certification for the event(s) you are applying for.  If you are Level 2 Certified, you may apply to Internships; Level 3, Apprentice positions; and Level 4, Assistant positions.  Intern positions are unpaid and Intern Routesetters must cover their own travel expenses but accommodation will be provided.  Apprentice positions are provided a partial travel stipend and compensation, and Assistants are fully compensated and all travel expenses are covered.  Please also note it is unlikely you will be selected for multiple positions given the limited number of events and high quantity of qualified applicants.

If you are uncertain of your certification level please see the Resources page to find the certification list based on current Routesetter Memberships or email routesetting@usaclimbing.org

DEADLINE TO APPLY for any of the positions listed below: 5pm MST Dec. 9th, 2020

NATIONAL COMPETITION POSITIONS (see above for relevant dates)

National Team Trials:  Chief Routesetters:  Brad Weaver (L); Nic Oklobjiza (B)

  • 6 Assistant Positions

National Cup Series Stop 1:  Chief Routesetter:  Bret Johnston

  • 1 Assistant Position

National Cup Series Stop 2:  Chief Routesetter:  Jeremy Hardin

  • 3 Assistant Positions


Dates and Locations for bouldering divisional championship events are not yet decided due to the ever-changing situation with Covid-19.  As soon as the locations and dates are determined, an additional application period will be announced specifically for those internship opportunities. 

There is 1 official Internship available at each of the bouldering Divisionals. To apply you:

  • Must have Level 2 Certification
  • May only apply to Intern outside of your home Division(this may be waived due to travel restrictions and covid 19)

To apply for a position at any of the above events, please download the Routesetter Application Form on the Resources page, and send to routesetting@usaclimbing.org 

With any general questions about the events or application process, email the Administrator of the Routesetting program, Mike Bockino at routesetting@usaclimbing.org

National Chiefs Announcement

We are excited to announce the National Chiefs for the 2021 climbing season.  Please refer to the Competitions page for more information. 

At the National Cup Series events in 2021, the Chief Routesetter and assistant is assigned by USA Climbing; all other routesetters are determined by the host facility.  Additional opportunities will be available at Canadian and South American National Cup events as well.  All other routesetters are coordinated by the host facility at their discretion.  For the National Championship events in 2019, USA Climbing assigns the Chief Routesetter and all other positions (Assistant/Apprentice/Intern).  For those other positions, there will be a formal application process, the first of which will be opened in late November.  Please do not apply until the formal application period is announced on this website.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Covid19 pandemic and the associated closures of states that go along with it, USA Climbing has postponed all of the spring 2020 clinics until further notice. 

We are working closely with the potential host facilities for these clinics to determine the best course of action moving forward.  If you have any questions regarding clinics please feel free to reach out to the Routesetting Program Manager, Mike Bockino, at mike@usaclimbing.org


 Youth Virtual Bouldering Redpoints have begun!

Please refer to the following resources when preparing for these events:

Founding Partner: