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Official News for USA Climbing Routesetting

Positions Announced and Application Period Open for Winter Competitions

We are excited to announce the open application period for positions at the following competitions below this winter. 

We announce application periods twice annually – once for these winter competitions and then a second round (application period in early 2020) for competitions in Spring/Summer 2020.  Please apply now if interested in any of the events listed below but if interested in Paraclimbing, Collegiate and/or Sport Youth National Championships, then check back in early 2020 to apply for those positions.

NOTE:  If you are Level 2 Certified, you may apply to Internships; Level 3, Apprentice positions; and Level 4 or Level 5, Assistant positions.  Please read below the competition listings for more info. 

  • Bouldering Youth Divisionals (Interns Only):January 11-12, 2020; Multiple Locations (see below)
  • Combined Invitational (Assistants Only):January 10-12, 2020; Summit Climbing Plano, Plano, TX
  • Bouldering Open Nationals (Assistants Only):January 31 - February 1, 2020; Deschutes Expo Center; Redmond, OR 
  • Bouldering Youth Nationals (Assistants/Apprentices Only):February 7-10, 2020; Deschutes Expo Center; Redmond, OR
  • Sport Open Nationals (Assistants/Apprentices Only):March 13-14, 2020; TBD

When applying for positions, just send one application to routesetting@usaclimbing.org.

If you are interested to apply for one or more of the National events, or are applying for Divisional Internships but interested in any of the opportunities, we simply ask that you outline in your application, what events you are available for and most interested in and also to denote if you are not available or interested in a particular event. 

ASSISTANT APPLICANTS:  Anyone applying to Assistant positions during this round will be considered for all the National competitions above, unless specifying only to be considered for certain competitions.  Note that only those with L5 certification or routesetters who have set 6 or more National level competitions, will be considered for the Combined Invitational.  Assistants are fully compensated, and all travel expenses are covered. 

APPRENTICE APPLICANTS:  Anyone applying to Apprentice positions will be considered for Bouldering Youth and Sport Open Nationals, as those are the two events with Apprentice positions.  Apprentice positions are provided a partial travel stipend and compensation.

INTERN APPLICANTS:  You are welcome to apply to different Divisional Internships (except one within your own Division), and we ask that you simply include in your application, those you are available for and/or most interested in.  Intern positions are unpaid and Intern Routesetters must cover their own travel expenses but accommodation will be provided. 

DEADLINE TO APPLY for any and all positions: Nov. 15th, 2019

NATIONAL COMPETITION POSITIONS (see above for relevant dates)

Combined Invitational:  Chief Routesetters:  Garrett Gregor (Bouldering) & Ryan Sewell (Sport)

  •  6 Assistant Positions (3 Bouldering / 3 Sport)

Bouldering Open Nationals:  Chief Routesetter:  Brad Weaver

  •  5 Assistant Positions

Bouldering Youth Nationals:  Chief Routesetter:  Mike Bockino

  • 5 Assistant Position
  • 4 Apprentice Positions

Sport Open Nationals:  Chief Routesetter:  Kyle McCabe

  • 3 Assistant Positions
  • 1 Apprentice Position


All Divisional competitions are held January 11th/12th, 2020

D4:  Momentum Silver Street; Houston, TX – Chief: John Oungst  

D5:  Minneapolis Bouldering Project; Minneapolis, MN – Chief:  Nic Oklobzija 

D6:  Adventure HQ; Palm Shores, FL – Chief:  Aaron Davis 

D7:  Peak Experiences; Richmond, VA – Chief:  Garrett Gregor 

There is 1 official Internship available at each of the above Divisionals. In order to apply you:

  • Must have Level 2 Certification
  • May only apply to Intern outside of your home Division 

To apply for a position at any of the above Divisional Internships, please download the Routesetter Intern Application Form on the Resources page and send your Internship application directly to the Chief Routesetter of the event. 


Routesetting Memberships now available; Updated Membership and Events Platform

All routesetters are now welcome to purchase a USA Climbing Routesetter Membership for the 2019-2020 climbing season.  A current Routesetter Membership ($70.00) is required to participate in a USAC Routesetting Clinic, to work as a Chief Routesetter for any Championship events, as well as to work at any National events and/or to be listed on the published list of USAC Certified Routesetters.  Note that beginning this season USA Climbing has a new platform for membership and events, Sport80.  There are many new classes of Membership for USA Climbing (for example, two levels of Coach memberships, Judges memberships, Volunteer and Staff memberships all new this year) and when purchasing a Routesetter Membership you must purchase one of three types:

  • Level 1 Membership (received Level 1 certification, or are planning to take Level 1 clinic)
  • Level 2 Membership (received Level 2 certification)
  • Level 3+ Membership (Received Level 3 or higher certification)

As established last season, in order to have one’s certification be active, a routesetter must also remain current with the requirements for SafeSport and Background checks.  More information can be found on the certification section or if you have specific questions about your SafeSport or Background check status or membership, please email both routesetting@usaclimbing.org and sharlee@usaclimbing.org.

National Chief Routesetters Announced

It has been a busy start to the year already for USA Climbing and we have our first National competition coming up next weekend at Stone Age National Cup Series.  We have finalized the Chief Routesetters for all the National events.  Please refer to the Competitions page for more information. 

Applications for Divisional Internships and National competitions; Update to Certification structure

For those interested in routesetting at USAC Championship level events this season, please look for an update on this site soon, announcing the application period for Divisional Internships, and for Assistant/Apprentice positions at National Championship events.  We are still hard at work finalizing the Divisional Championship competition hosts and Chief Routesetters for those events, and expect to open the application period later this month for Divisional Internships and the National competitions.

We also have an update regarding the certification structure:  Note that after significant review by the Routesetting Committee, beginning this season the certification structure has changed such that in order to receive Level 4 Certification, a Routesetter must complete TWO (2) National Apprenticeships. Routesetters can gain Level 2 Certification at a Level 2 Clinic, Level 3 Certification through an official Internship, and then must be an Apprentice at two National competitions, in order to gain Level 4 Certification. 

For those anticipating the application process, please also note in terms of assignments for events, that at National Cup Series events, USA Climbing assigns the Chief Routesetter only; all other Routesetters are determined by the host facility.  For all National Championship events in 2019-20 season, USA Climbing assigns the Chief Routesetter and all other positions (Assistant/Apprentice/Intern), and it is for those National Championship events that we will have the open application process, later this month.

Please do not apply until the formal application period is announced on this website.  Contact routesetting@usaclimbing.org with any questions.

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