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Route Judge

The USAC Route Judge Certification certifies that a Judge has successfully completed the requirements set forth by the Judges Committee and demonstrated the ability to judge at Championship level events. The Certified Route Judge will be responsible for helping in the education process of all Aspirant Judges and shall serve as the primary route/problem judge at all levels of competition climbing.

An Aspirant Judge (any person 18 or over seeking a Route Judge Certification) will be required to successfully complete Steps 1 through 3 of the Judges Certification Path.  

Step 1:

  • Complete the Aspirant Judge Information Form and submit it to the Judges Committee.
  • Sign the Judges Code of Conduct.
  • Complete SafeSport online training program.
  • Register for USAC Judge Membership
  • View the Bouldering and Sport Championship Rules videos.

Step 2:

  • Judge at a minimum of one (1) Bouldering and one (1) Sport Regional or Divisional Championship.
  • Assist a USAC Certified Route Judge at a minimum of one (1) Bouldering and one (1) Sport National Championship.

Step 3:

  • Send an email requesting the Route Judge Certification and detailing practical experience to judges@usaclimbing.org

The Judges Committee will review all applications for certification and grant certification to qualified candidates.  The Chief Judge, at every Regional and Divisional Championship Event where an Aspirant Judge volunteers, will complete an Aspirant Judge Performance Review form and submit it to the Judges Committee to be kept on file. Additionally, the Certified Route Judge who oversees an Aspirant Route Judge at the National level will submit an Aspirant Route Judge Performance Review form to the committee. The committee will use these forms to help determine a candidate’s eligibility for certification.

At all National Championships, the Chief Judge will be responsible for completing performance reviews on all Certified Route Judges.  


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