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The Judges Committee was formed to support and advance the development of judging at all USA Climbing sanctioned competitions. The Committee’s activities specifically include the ongoing development and implementation of the Judges Certification Program, with the intention of increasing the number of trained and certified judges for all championship and local level competitions. 

Judges Certification program for 2018-19:

All Certified Judges will be required to register for a Judge Membership and complete the SafeSport Certification and a Background Screen.

  • SafeSport Online Training Certificate. Judges will need to complete all three SafeSport Online learning modules/activities before they are considered SafeSport certified by USA Climbing and the U.S Center for SafeSport. A certificate is offered upon the completion of each of the three modules/activities, then, one final certificate is offered noting your completion of the entire course. *Note- USA Climbing only needs the final certification, stating 'SafeSport Trained is Issued'. Upon completion of the entire program, save and submit the final certificate only, to judges@usaclimbing.org. SafeSport Certifications are valid for TWO (2) USA Climbing seasons. Completing the SafeSport Refresher course will not fulfill this requirement.  Click here to access the SafeSport onboarding link designated for members of USA Climbing. Select USA Climbing as the Organization and enter Access Code: LDV5-MAI9-19TY-S19D  If you experience any problems with the onboarding link, contact  info@usaclimbing.org or call the office for assistance.  Please do not contact the U.S. Center for SafeSport- they are currently inundated with work and we can likely help!

  • Background Screening through the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI). Click here to download instructions to complete your background screening. All background screenings are valid for TWO (2) years from the time of submission. Background checks may take up to 10 days to process. As long as a coach submits his/her background check prior to the respective deadline, he/she will be listed as 'pending' until the background check has cleared.
  • All Certified judges will be required to register for a Judge Membership (free).


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