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Request for Proposals

USAC is looking for Hold Supplier Partners to have a one-year engagement, at different two levels: Premium and Supporting Level. We are calling for proposals from Hold Suppliers that are interested by engaging in the process outlined below.

Proposal Evaluation

The following factors will be included in the proposal evaluation:

  • Commitment to USA Climbing's mission
  • A completed application
  • A signed Letter of Intent
  • Information about production, quantity, and quality of shapes for USA Climbing competitions
  • History of sponsorship and/or positive experiences with USA Climbing and USA Climbing's host facility partners and routesetters


Hold Suppliers Application

Premium Level Sponsor Recognition & Marketing Rights

Supporter Level Sponsor Recognition & Marketing Rights


Date and Times Event

7/27/18 Proposal for Hold Suppliers due

8/10/18 Selection of Premium and Supporter levels completed

8/13/18 Selected Hold Suppliers notified by email

8/13/18 to 8/31/18 Finalization of agreement
Other deadlines for deliverables established

Proposal Components

Every proposal must contain, at minimum, the following:

  • A completed application
  • A signed Letter of Intent
  • Any necessary supporting documents outlined in the application

Submission Instructions

All proposals must be submitted electronically to Leici Hendrix, Sponsorship Director, at leici@usaclimbing.org by July 27, 2018.


What are the sponsorship levels associated with this opportunity?

  • There are two levels of sponsorship available; Premium Level and Supporting Level. Premium level requires and annual commitment of $2,500 cash and $4,000 VIK. Supporting Level requires and annual commitment of $1,000 cash and $2,000 VIK.

What is the term of this commitment?

  • The contract term will begin on September 1, 2018 and end on August 31, 2019.

How many spots are available at each sponsorship level?

  • Premium and Supplier level will be open to a minimum of 8 companies each.A specific maximum number of partners has not yet been set, and final selections are to be determined by USAC.

How can companies ask questions regarding this RFP prior to submission?

  • Due to the short-turnaround of this RFP and the inability to post answers in a public forum for all prospective companies, we will be unable to answer detailed questions prior to submission.We have endeavored to make the application process simple, with minimum requirements for information provided in an application, and we encourage companies that are interested but may have further questions about contract details later, to first promptly submit proposals for consideration.We will follow-up with all companies to clarify proposals and the selection process, if necessary.

How will companies be contacted?

  • All companies will be notified that their submission was received via email.

In what format does a proposal need to be submitted?

  • All proposals must include, at minimum, the components noted above. Proposals should be submitted by the submission time and date to the email listed in the submission guidelines. Documents in PDF format are preferred.

Will past sponsors be offered the right of first refusal to engage as a Hold Suppliers​?

  • Yes.Consistent with existing sponsorship agreements, current sponsors will first be considered in the selection process.

Who will be on the committee to select the Premium and Supporting level Hold Suppliers

  • The committee will be made up of the Sponsorship Director, all active Level 5 USAC Certified Routesetters, including all USAC’s Routesetting Committee Members, USAC Director of Operations, and the Administrator of the Routesetting program. Routesetters on the selection committee will rank their preferences for companies, and as established in prior contract engagements, any individual on the selection committee that has any business engagement with a hold company or has had a relationship in the prior two years (owner/employee/representative/shaper/sponsored setter/athlete), must disclose his/her relationship and shall not rank those companies.

Who will determine / select the Value in Kind (holds) from the Premium Hold Suppliers for holds provided directly to USAC National Cup Series host facilities?

  • The host facility representatives (Routesetter/Buyer and/or Owner or Managers) for each National Cup Series, in consultation with the USA Climbing Chief Routesetters of those competitions, will choose which products they receive for their National Cup Series event. Hold Suppliers may provide suggestions and are encouraged to share information about any new climbing hold shapes or those recommended as best for the facility/competition.

Who will determine / select the Value in Kind (holds) from the Premium and Supporting Hold Suppliers for holds provided directly to USA Climbing (inventory of USAC holds used at Bouldering National Championships)?

  • Hold Suppliers will choose which products USAC receives in consultation with USA Climbing Operations staff and the Chief Routesetters of Bouldering Youth and Open National Championships. The primary goal with respect to products provided to USAC is for the USAC inventory to include holds that will be interesting and effective for routesetters in creation of the field of play. Brand new designs, pending their appropriateness for the level of the competitions, are most often desired. In order to maintain consistency with existing colors, and build upon current inventory in a complementary fashion, USAC may dictate the color(s) required to companies and also will provide general information about hold types needed.

What are the deliverables associated with the Premium and Supporting Levels?

  • The deliverables associated with Premium and Supporting Level Hold Suppliers can be found in the documents on the website, alongside this RFP.

Will USAC be able to modify the contracts and provide my company with unique opportunities?

  • No, USAC will not be able to offer any unique engagements to Hold Suppliers. USAC wants to have a fair and open process for everyone. The contracts will be the same for all companies at their respective chosen level of support—Premium or Supporting.

Will there be additional ways to work with USAC outside of this contract?

  • Yes, there will be additional marketing opportunities that Premium level suppliers will be able to buy into, above and beyond the contractual agreement. A full list of those opportunities and costs will be made available in the coming weeks.


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