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Online Training Certificate

Upon completion of the 90-minute SafeSport Online Training Program you will receive a SafeSport Training Certificate. Save and e-mail it to: documents@usaclimbing.org or fax it to: 561-423-0715.
*Please note: SafeSport Online Training Program will NOT be available between September 26 and October 2, 2017. Please plan accordingly - deadlines for document submission will remain the same.

SafeSport Certifications are valid for TWO (2) USA Climbing seasons. Completing the SafeSport Refresher course will not fulfill this requirement.

USA Climbing SafeSport Policies

Athlete Protection Policy (click)

  • Prohibits misconduct such as bullying, harassment, hazing, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct and sexual misconduct, including child sexual abuse;
  • Provides guidelines for maintaining healthy boundaries;
  • Provides training for Covered Individuals.

Travel Policy (click)

  • Provides guidelines for travel planning so as to minimize private one-on-one interactions between a Covered Individual and an athlete and to promote healthy and professional boundaries between Covered Individuals and athletes.

Reporting Policy (click)

  • Requires that Covered Individuals report violations of USA Climbing's SafeSport policies, including any misconduct as defined in USA Climbing's SafeSport Athlete Protection Policy, and including reasonable suspicions of child emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or imminent risk of physical injury or sexual abuse.
  • Provides guidelines for reporting misconduct.

Disciplinary Rules and Procedures- For USA Climbing (click)

  • Overview of steps taken by USA Climbing upon receipt of an allegation of misconduct.
  • Describes a range of possible disciplinary actions for misconduct.

Disciplinary Rules and Procedures- Sample for Youth Climbing Teams, Collegiate Climbing Teams and Gyms (click)

  • Sample steps that a Team or gym could take upon receipt of an allegation of misconduct.
  • Provides a model set of rules and procedures that Teams or gyms can adopt.

Incident Report Form (click)

  • Form that may be used to report violations of USA Climbing's SafeSport Policies or other inappropriate behavior.




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