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Coach Membership List

USA Climbing Certified Coaches

2018-2019 Sport & Speed Season Coaches Lists:

USA Climbing Certified Coach List*

USA Climbing Pending Coach List*

*As of 7/09/19 9:00am MST

A coach's name will appear on the USA Climbing Certified Coaches list only if he/she is certified. USA Climbing will consider coaches for certification only if they meet certain eligibility requirements including: submitted CPR & First Aid documents which must be valid through 7/14/19 (Sport & Speed Youth National Championships), a criminal and sex offender background investigation and completed SafeSport training to prevent misconduct and to report misconduct if it occurs.  It is important to note that the absence of a coach from this list could mean that the coach has not applied for, or does not meet the criteria for certification or that the coach has been suspended or banned from certification.

It is not the responsibility of USA Climbing to make coaches aware of their lapse in certification due to an expired CPR or First Aid document.  If a USA Climbing Certified Coach provides all documentation to USA Climbing by the submission deadline, but his/her CPR and/or First Aid certifications expire after the respective submission deadline AND within a championship season, coaches must contact documents@usaclimbing.org prior to the expiration of these documents to set-up a renewal process, as the Coaches' status is dependent on the expiration date of these documents.


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