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Coach Membership and Certification

Beginning this season, all coaches affiliated with a USA Climbing sanctioned team must be SafeSport trained and have successfully completed a background screen.  The Level 2 Coach Membership is the same as a Coach Membership was in previous seasons.  The Level 1 Coach has been added as a way for teams to ensure all coach affiliates are SafeSport trained and have a successfully completed background screen without incurring the higher cost associated with the Level 2 Membership. 
 As described below, USA Climbing Teams will be required to attest that all coaches on their staff have either a Level 1 or 2 Coach Membership, except for a coach who is a minor.  Each Team Membership must have at least one Active Level 2 Coach Member.

We are also making an effort to reduce the rigidity of the certification deadline as a result of our new membership platform, Sport:80.  A coach’s membership must be of the appropriate level and in an “active” not “pending” state prior to entry into isolation (Level 2) or being allowed on the competition floor (Level 1 or 2).  A coach’s membership, Level 1 or Level 2, may only remain in “pending” status for up to 45 days, after which the delinquent coach membership will be removed from the individual’s account.  This will give the coach latitude in becoming a coach closer in time to a competition and more importantly between championship competitions (i.e. Regionals to Divisionals to Nationals). While this approach will be to relax the certification deadline, it is worth noting that SafeSport training takes 90 minutes and a background screen can take up to 10 days to clear, both of which will be required to move a coach’s membership from “pending” to “active” status.

 A coach must meet minimum requirements in order to be considered as a USA Climbing Certified Coach Member. Certification is subject to review and revocation is subject to USA Climbing’s Bylaws.

A USA Climbing Level 1Certified Coach must:

  •  Obtained a USA Climbing Coach Membership
  • A minimum of three (3) member competitors who they actively coach; or, if fewer than three (3) member competitors, submitted a letter documenting his/her coaching experience accompanied by references; and
  •  Authorized USA Climbing to conduct a criminal background check, responded promptly to requests from vendor for additional information, and successfully completed that background screening under USA Climbing’s SafeSport Screening and Background Check Policy; and
  •  Submitted SafeSport Training Certificate proving successful completion of the SafeSport online training program (Certificates are valid for one USA Climbing season).

See Section 3.2 of the USA Climbing Rulebook for more details. 

 In order to be considered for Level 2 USA Climbing Coach Certification, a coach must fulfill the above (Level 1) requirements and in addition, must provide documentation proving current First Aid and CPR certification through the season in which their certification is valid. Refer to the Coaches section of www.usaclimbing.org for instructions on submitting the above documentation and any additional information on coach certification requirements and deadlines.

The ability to file an appeal on behalf of a competitor is limited to current USAC Level 1 or Level 2 certified member coaches.

The ability to enter isolation (ISO) is limited to current USAC Level 2 certified member coaches.

For questions, please contact coaches@usaclimbing.org.

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