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Collegiate Nationals

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Welcome to the home of the 2019 USA Climbing: Collegiate National Championships. The Collegiate National Championships will be held on April 26th & April 27th, 2019 at Climb Murfreesboro in Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

Running Orders for all Final Rounds can be found below. 

Speed Finals

Sport Finals

Bouldering Finals

Please stay tuned for more information about the event as it becomes available. We encourage you to use the sidebar navigation links to learn more about the 2018 USA Climbing: Collegiate National Championships.

For this year's Collegiate Nationals, the format of Bouldering Qualifiers will be MODIFIED Redpoint.
There will be twelve (12) boulder problems per gender. Competitors will have a max of seven attempts per boulder. 

6.4.6 Redpoint "Modified" Format
General Routesetting rules for redpoint format competitions shall be followed.
  • Eight (8) to twelve (12) routes/problems are assigned for each category.
  • In the "modified" format, competitors shall follow redpoint general rules as outlined in rule 6.4.4, with the goal of completing the highest quantity of routes/problems, where each route/problem has the same value and scores on all route/problems are counted. A competitor's final score shall be the cumulative value of points recorded on each route/problem.
  • For Bouldering, a competitor shall be scored:
    • Where points are awarded only for completion of a problem, with a value of 25 points per problem, for completion of each problem.
    • Where points are awarded for completion of, or progress on, a problem, with the values outlined in rule 6.19.7(c) ("multi-zone" scoring). Also refer to rule 15.2, Guidelines for Routesetting and Scoring - Bouldering.
For more information about Modified Redpoint, please refer to the USA Climbing Rulebook.
For Sport Qualifiers, the qualification round will consist of Top Rope and Lead and your final score is the sum of your 3 highest point routes.
For Speed, the qualification round will be run on Climb Murfreesboro's 10m speed wall with the IFSC homologated routes and holds using the 3-beep start system. Your final score will be your fastest time of 2 runs.

USA Climbing will advance the top 20 competitors per gender, from the qualification round to the finals round in Bouldering, Speed and Sport.

While we weren’t able to verify proof of enrollment leading into Regionals we are confident that this verification will take place prior to Collegiate Nationals.  If during the process of verification for Collegiate Nationals, we identify competitors who are unable to provide proof of enrollment, their results will be stricken for their respective Regional competition as well as adjustments made to any Team Championship results
 to the extent practicable.  Should any placements change, those affected will be notified and the appropriate Team Banner or medal will be sent directly to them.

Looking toward the 2019-2020 Climbing Season, we are updating our membership and registration software which will vastly improve the efficiency of our secondary verification process, allowing us to ensure those verifications are maintained leading into championship events.

Submitting Proof of Enrollment

USA Climbing will notify individuals who we are unable to verify their proof of enrollment. Upon notification, competitors will have 48-hours to submit one of the following forms to documents@usaclimbing.org with the subject: Collegiate Team Eligibility (Respective Team Name) Proof of Enrollment. USA Climbing requests that each team captain gather the appropriate documentation and submit the entire team's paperwork together.

  • A form from the Office of the Registrar that includes: First & Last Name, Name of College, Dates of Attendance (Can be as early as Fall 2018 to present) We recommend you run a search for "Verification of Enrollment' on your college's website to find information about how to go about procuring such a form from your specific school.
  • A letter from your Rec Sports Department including all competitors first and last name and verifying each competitor meets the eligibility requirements outlined in the USA Climbing Rulebook for Collegiate participation. 
  • A class schedule showing First & Last Name, Name of College and semester in which the schedule is for.

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