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U.S. National Teams are selected to represent the United States in sanctioned international competitions. The three primary single disciplines of competition are Bouldering, Sport and Speed.

The U.S. National Teams, for each category and discipline, are determined by the results of the Open National Championships and shall be announced by USAC at the conclusion of each respective Open National Championship event.

U.S. Olympic Team


 Nathaniel Coleman Kyra Condie Colin Duffy Brooke Raboutou
Nathaniel_Headshot Kyra_Headshot Colin_Headshot Brooke_Headshot


U.S. Bouldering National Team


Sean Bailey Nathaniel Coleman Ben Hanna
Sean_Headshot Nathaniel_Headshot ben_headshot
 Cloe Coscoy Natalia Grossman Alex Johnson
Cloe_headshot natalia_headshot

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