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World Youth Championships Recap -- Congratulations Team USA!

The IFSC World Youth Championships in Guangzhou, China have concluded, and Team USA deserves huge CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing performance! 53 athletes represented the U.S. and brought home a total of 11 medals, putting the team in second place for overall medal count at the event. 

Thank you to the team of Coaches -- Claudiu Vidulescu, Tyson Schoene, Meg Coyne, Meghan McDonald and Matt Londrey -- the Team Manager, Kim Mitchell, and the Team Physical Therapist, Zack DiCristino, for supporting the athletes during their time in China.

Congratulations, Team USA!!!  

Ashima Shiraishi (FYB) - Lead (Gold), Bouldering (Gold)
Brooke Raboutou (FYB) - Lead (Silver), Bouldering (Bronze), Combined (Gold)
Maya Madere (FYA) - Bouldering (Bronze)
Margo Hayes (FJR) - Lead (Gold), Bouldering (Gold), Combined (Gold)
Kai Lightner (MYA) - Lead (Silver), Bouldering (Silver)


WYCH Participant List

For full results, please visit the IFSC World Youth Championships page