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USA Climbing Rulebook Version Four Now Available

USA Climbing Rulebook Version Four Now Available


To all USA Climbing Members:

The Rulebook has been updated, effective immediately. These updates have been made in the usual course, have been under discussion for several months, and are NOT related to any measures to be taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The major drivers for this version 4 of the Rulebook are changes in (a) the Speed rules and, (b) the International Invitations process:

  • The Speed section updated in Version 3 of the Rulebook did not properly outline the format (specifically the Finals format) for a Speed competition with an Alternative Field of Play. The Youth C/D Speed Competitions must use an Alternative Field of Play, and a Knockout Final is not appropriate when the two lanes are not identical. Addressing these and other Speed issues has resulted in some additions/changes to Rule 8.
  • The International Invitation process in Rule 5.22 was updated to provide more transparency among those athletes interested and qualified to receive international invitations.  This update will also give USA Climbing more time and review to accurately fill quota to international competitions.

Other updates to the Rulebook include clarification of the eligibility rule for participation in the Collegiate Series. As always, a good place for a reader to start is Rule 1.1 (Significant Changes) for an overview of these and other changes to the Rulebook.

Click here to review the most recent changes made to the USA Climbing Rulebook. 


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