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Revision to Rule 7.6.1 (Speed Climbing Procedure)

Please note that as of 06/20/2016 – Rule 7.6.1 shall be replaced with:

7.6.1 For qualification rounds competitors will climb two (2) routes and either of two formats may be used:

a) Continuous format:
I. The first competitor will climb route #1 against a “rabbit” on route #2. Upon the first competitor’s completion of route #1, s/he will climb route #2 against the next competitor climbing on route #1.
II. There shall be a continuous line of competitors, with no “gap” or “break” in between categories. For example, the last “Male Junior” shall climb route #2 against the first Male Youth A competitor, climbing on route #1.
III. The last Speed climbing competitor shall climb against a “rabbit” when s/he is climbing route #2.

b) Pairings format:
I. The pairings for the qualification round shall be based on the randomized running order (as outlined in 7.17.4).
II. The individuals in each pairing shall compete against each other on both routes.
III. In the event there are an odd number of competitors, the first competitor shall climb against a “rabbit.”

This rule revision is noted in section 14.3 of the USA Climbing Rule Book