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Results of USA Climbing Athlete Director Election

Results of USA Climbing Athlete Director Election

To USA Climbing Athletes:

I am pleased to report the results of the USA Climbing Athlete Director Election which concluded on Friday, August 31 2018, 5 pm MST.

This election was for USAC athletes to select two athletes who will serve on the USAC Board of Directors.

A total of nine USAC athletes were candidates for the two open Athlete Director positions.  Athlete voters were asked to vote for a maximum of two candidates. 

A total of 322 votes were cast with some athletes casting only one vote. 

The tally of athlete voting is as follows:

  • Kyra Condie with 54 votes – elected as a USAC Athlete Director
  • Jesse Grupper with 51 votes – tie vote.  See Runoff Election (below).
  • Alex Puccio with 51 votes - tie vote.  See Runoff Election (below).

Runners up: Receiving 43 or fewer votes:

Maureen Beck, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Claire Buhrfeind, Austin Geiman, Michaela Kiersch and Carlo Traversi.

Athlete Director Runoff Election – September 10 to September, 14, 2018

The tie vote for Jesse Grupper and Alex Puccio requires a runoff election to determine which athlete will be elected to the second open Athlete Director position.

You can review the letter of interest and questionnaire of each athlete below:

This runoff election will be conducted as follows:

  1. The same USAC Athletes who were eligible to vote in the original election will receive a new eballot asking them to vote for one (1) candidate – Jesse Grupper or Alex Puccio.
  2. As before, eballots will be emailed to the USAC athlete’s email address of record – including athletes who provided an updated email address.
  3. The Athlete Profiles for Jesse Grupper or Alex Puccio will be available as before.
  4. Athletes will be able to vote beginning MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2018.Voting will close on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 at 5:00 pm MST.

Questions regarding this Runoff Election can be directed to:  Greg Padovani, Sr, Chairman, USAC Nominating & Governance Committee, Greg@usaclimbing.org  

Patti Rube
President, USAC Board of Directors

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