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Invitation Requirements for 2019 Combined Invitational

Invitation Requirements for 2019 Combined Invitational

Below are the invitation requirements for the 2019 Combined Invitational per the USA Climbing Rulebook. In an addition to the requirements, you can find a list of invitees below.


3.7.5 Combined Invitational Athletes are eligible to compete at the Combined Invitational provided:

a) They are U.S. citizens and are sixteen (16) years of age or older by December 31st (refer to rule 3.4.3), and;

b) Have purchased a USAC Competitor membership no later than the registration deadline for the Combined Invitational, and;

c) As of December 1st, 2018, they have met at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

i. Currently hold the status of World Champion(s) or Pan American Champion(s), in either the Open or Youth categories;

ii. Are ranked in the 2018 IFSC World Cup Ranking for one or more of the single disciplines. In order to be ranked, a competitor must finish within the top thirty (30) of a World Cup competition;

iii. Are a current member of one or more of the 2018 single discipline U.S. National Teams and/or U.S. Overall National Teams, in the Open category;

iv. Competed in the semi-final rounds of two or more Open National Championships, Bouldering, Sport, and Speed, in the previous season. For the purposes of this eligibility requirement, the previous season’s Bouldering and Sport Open National Championships had a semi-finals quota of twenty (20) plus any extra quota competitors. For Speed, as there was no semi-final based on the National Championship format, the semi-final is considered the top sixteen (16) plus extra quota competitors.


Invitation List

2019 Combined Invitational Invite List v2

Invitation List (pdf)

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