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Important Information Regarding 2019 Youth World Championship Invitations

Important Information Regarding 2019 Youth World Championship Invitations

USA Climbing Members,

Recently, the Team Selection Committee was activated to evaluate a situation related to how invitations were issued to youth bouldering athletes for the upcoming Youth World Championships (YWCH) to be held in Arco, Italy. The situation at hand is the recent understanding that YWCH will provide a combined ranking at the conclusion of the event in addition to individual discipline results. The fact that a combined ranking will be provided should have enacted rule 5.9.2 of the USA Climbing Rulebook. Unfortunately, at the time bouldering invitations were issued, just after Bouldering Youth Nationals, USA Climbing had information from the IFSC that there would be no Combined competition taking place at YWCH, consistent with Moscow 2019 YWCH. Therefore, USAC made the decision to issue invitations to youth bouldering athletes as done in 2018, based on ranking from Bouldering Youth Nationals. 

The Team Selection Committee evaluated all available information. It was decided that invitations issued already to youth bouldering athletes would remain and not be rescinded. Furthermore, for consistency, we will follow this same criterion for Sport & Speed, such that invitations will be issued for YWCH to youth sport & speed athletes at the conclusion of Sport & Speed Youth Nationals in July. No invitations will be issued to Overall athletes. 

This decision was made primarily for consistency for the athletes and we regret any confusion that may have ben created given USA Climbing's execution of the invites after Bouldering Youth Nationals. The Rules Committee, unaware a rule had been broken, will also look closely at the language and structure of the pertinent rules to help avoid any confusion or inconsistencies in the future.

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Marc Norman

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