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Important COVID-19 Update - April 10th, 2020

Important COVID-19 Update - April 10th, 2020


As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic together, we are inspired by the compassion, dedication, and support within our climbing community. Thank you to those who are doing their very best to follow local health department recommendations including maintaining social distancing, not meeting as teams for training, reducing and in many cases avoiding climbing and crowding at local crags, and not travelling to distant crags in small communities that may not be prepared for significant increases in visitors some of whom may unknowingly be carrying the virus. We are a community rooted in stewardship of the natural environment, and now is the time to show our commitment to the health of the population as a whole. These are no doubt challenging times where many in our community are faced with significant hardship and difficult choices from dealing with the virus directly or indirectly, to facing difficult financial decisions.

To our gym partners, we know this is a challenging time in many ways for you. We hope you have all taken the steps to access the Paycheck Protection Program and other local, State, and Federal programs aimed at helping small businesses bridge the severe financial impacts we are all facing in business. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to evolve, USA Climbing has decided to delay the decision on the remainder of the youth season. We will provide our next update by May 1st at the latest. It is very likely, based on the information coming in, that the Youth Sport Regional Championships, which we had planned to postpone until at least June, will not take place in its traditional form. We are beginning discussions with Regional Coordinators, existing host facilities from Sport and Speed Regional and Divisional Championships, and affected Committees to assess possibilities for operating championship events later in the summer, with significant modifications in place to prioritize health and safety. We also are mindful of the time needed for all of our members and stakeholders to focus on imminent personal and business challenges before turning their attention to event preparation. In short, cancellation of the remainder of the youth season remains a possibility.  In making our decisions we are accessing many different sources and experts. These include the Johns Hopkins and Institute of Health Metrics websites, as well as the CDC’s website, each of which can be found below.





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