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Conflict Resolution


3 Coaching Strategies to Manage Ongoing Rivalries

In some team dynamics, there are going to be unavoidable rivalries: teammates will struggle for spots, personalities will clash over leadership responsibilities, and issues will arise with other teams. Conflict is normal and not always a problem on its own, but ongoing rivalries can slowly poison a team. Nadia Kyba, MSW, TrueSport Expert and President of Now What Facilitation, has seen teams go through rough patches navigating these types of situations.



6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Athlete Resolve a Coach-Athlete Conflict

When a young athlete has a conflict with their coach, it’s often hard for parents to know exactly how to handle it. It’s tempting to immediately interfere and email the coach on behalf of your child, but that’s not always the best solution for your growing athlete. Helping your athlete advocate for themselves and deal with conflict head-on, rather than relying on you to have the hard conversations, is going to be better for your child in the long-term.




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