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Coaches Education

USOPC Quality Coaching Framework

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, in partnership with its National Governing Bodies and Dr. Wade Gilbert of Human Kinetics, created the USOPC Quality Coaching Framework, which provides an overarching set of principles that is designed to inform how to coach most effectively. The USOPC QCF is a vetted, carefully crafted, evidence-based resource that establishes a common language and principles of quality coaching for all those working in Team USA coaching contexts.

Principles for Success

The USOPC Quality Coaching Framework consists of six chapters, each focused on a different, but related, component of quality coaching. The chapters highlight the coach­ing principles associated with each subject:

Chapter One: Quality Coaching
Chapter Two: Essential Coaching Knowledge
Chapter Three: Athlete-Centered Outcomes
Chapter Four: Contextual Fit
Chapter Five: Evaluation and Recognition
Chapter Six: Coach Well-being


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