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National Cup Series

The USA Climbing National Cup Series is a series of bouldering competitions in 2019 sanctioned by USA Climbing to provide fun and challenging experiences for adult competition climbers. The National Cup Series aims to promote adult amateur and professional participation across the US and to provide a national structure for high level competitors.   

The Bouldering Season for adult competitors includes the National Cups and the Bouldering Open National Championship*.  Open Competitors will receive points from their results at each “National Cup” competition, as well as at the Bouldering Open National Championship, resulting in a regularly updated National Ranking.  A prize purse will be awarded to the top ranked competitors at the conclusion of the season.  The following outlines the overall schedule and general information about each event.

USA Climbing National Cups 

The National Cup Series is made up of three “National Cup” competitions, hosted in USA Climbing partner gyms from October to December.  As newly sanctioned events of this Series, the four National Cups both afford new opportunities and necessitate a different format than the Bouldering Open National Championship or other USA Climbing events.  They will be organized in a consistent format that has been determined cooperatively between USA Climbing and the host partner facilities, with a Redpoint Qualification round and an Onsight Final round.  The top 8 competitors of each gender will advance to Finals and the top 30 will receive points towards a National Ranking. 


October 18/19, 2019: Stone Age Climbing Gym – Albuquerque, NM
November 1/2, 2019: Dogpatch Boulders – San Francisco, CA
December 6/7, 2019: High Point Climbing and Fitness – Memphis, TN

*Bouldering Open National Championship

Following the National Cup Series events, competitors will also accumulate points towards their National ranking at the premier event of the Bouldering Season, the Bouldering Open National Championship.  As the most well-established and competitive event of the year, competitors will accrue even greater points that will contribute to their final overall National ranking.  As the only competition on which USA Climbing bases selection of its National Team, the Bouldering Open National Championships will be run with the format outlined by the USA Climbing Rulebook.  

Please refer to the Bouldering Nationals Info page for more details.



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