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Bouldering: A number of individual, short routes or “problems,” are attempted without a climbing rope but with landing mats for protection

2018-19 Bouldering Season Information

Bouldering Local Season: September 1- November 26, 2018
USA Climbing: Bouldering Youth Regional Championships
 - December 8 & 9, 2018

USA Climbing: Bouldering Youth Divisional Championships 
- January 12 & 13, 2019

USA Climbing: Bouldering Open National Championship
 - February 1 & 2, 2019

USA Climbing: Bouldering Youth National Championship - February 8 -10, 2019

Be sure to track all the action of the season! Check out the results page. Then check the schedule for a comp near you!

Top 20 Ranked List

The Top 20 Ranked List contains the names of competitors who have ranked in the top 20 at one USAC sanctioned youth local competition.  Competitors with byes (WC, PAC, NC, AK, HI)  in addition to FNs, were considered as extra quota and the next ranked competitor(s) were added to the Top 20 Ranked List.  The Top 20 Ranked List also includes the competition where the competitor first achieved their rank of Top 20 in addition to the region that competition was located within.

If your name doesn’t appear and you feel as if an error has occurred, please reach out to info@usaclimbing.org immediately so that we may research the issue.  The Top 20 Ranked List will be updated on a weekly basis.

Top 20 Ranked List (Updated: 11/20/2018 11:40am MDT)

The Local Competition Extra Quota List contains the names of individuals who provide additional quota spots at local competitions if they are ranked within the Top 20 of a specific competition.  Please refer to rule 3.9.1(a)(ii) for additional clarification related to extra quota competitors.

Local Competition Extra Quota List (Updated: 11/20/18 11:40am MDT)

If you have questions regarding membership or the Bouldering season, please don't hesitate to ask.  Email info@usaclimbing.org or call the office: (303) 499-0715 for more details! 

If you are a host facility and would like to pay your sanctioning fee with a credit card, please contact kyle@usaclimbing.org.

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