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USA Climbing Committees

Current committees and working groups are as follows:

Ethics Committee

Joel Litvin, Chair

Alex Alderson, Athlete

Pete Torcicollo

Ann Berry

Dan Carey

Audit Committee

Matthew Roberts, Chair

Alex Alderson, Athlete

Joel Litvin

Brad Voght

David Landman

Judicial Committee  

Charles Lamb, Chair

Alex Fritz, Athlete

Tamara Ogier

Tab Stephens

Dan Rube

Nominating and Governance Committee

Charles Lamb, Chair

Garrett Gregor, Athlete

JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson

Daron Pair

Pete Torcicollo

USA Climbing Athletes’ Advisory Committee

Garrett Gregor, Chair

Brian Antheunisse

Greg Padovani Jr.

Claire Buhrfeind

Nathaniel Coleman

Kyra Condie

Jesse Grupper


Adaptive Committee

Maureen Beck, Chair

Jake Sanchez, Athlete

Scott Baird

Ziva Petrin, MD

Colin Torpey

Coaches Committee

Meghan McDonald, Chair

Alex Fritz, Athlete

Chi Harris

Justen Sjong

Jessi Hayes

Justin Wyse

Rosie Bates, Athlete

Collegiate Committee

John Myrick, Chair
Matt Rube, Athlete

Anne Kavalerchik, Athlete

Dawes Strickler

Rosie Bates

JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson

Phil Sandlin

Judges Committee 

Dustin Skinner, Chair

Bruce Mitchell

Jaime Bogardy

Mark Vasta


Routesetting Committee

Luke Bertelsen, Chair

Bret Johnston, Athlete

Ian McIntosh

Ryan Sewell


Rules Committee

Chris Danielson, Chair

Josh Larson, Athlete

Jaime Bogardy

Matt Ornes


Risk Management Committee

Jason Pill, JD, Chair

Keegan Cole, MD | Athlete

Colt Brumm, MPH

Jeff Pedersen

Pete Torcicollo


Competition Task Force
Bruce Mitchell, Chair
John Brosler, Athlete
Kyra Condie, Athlete
Audrey Gawrych, Athlete
Rosie Bates
Mike Bockino
Kyle Clinkscales
Dustin Skinner
Matt Ornes
Craig Paiement, PhD
Kristi Pikiewicz, PhD
Rene Sepulveda
Shannon Siegel, PhD
Masami Middleton
Wes Shih, JD

Realignment Task Force
Tab Stevens, Chair
Kyle Struthers, Athlete
Greg Fanslow
Mark Vasta
Nicole Brandt

Competition Belaying Working Group
Matt Ornes, Chair
Oliva Harmanos, Athlete
Piper Kelly, Athlete
Don Mason
Ty Hardaway
Melanie Marier
James Miller

Adaptive Classification Task Force
Wayne Gearey, PhD, Chair
Daniel Hill, Athlete
Jessica Sporte, Athlete
JenFu Cheng, MD
Ziva Petrin, MD
William Sullivan, MD
Ben Mayforth





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